Menu Innovations

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For years, the more options a restaurant had the better. Many chains figured if they offered more on their menus then there was less of a chance that diners would want to go elsewhere. Fortunately, Americans are growing tired of clunky and confusing menus. The over-complicated items that span countries and cuisines are now being… Read more »

When Rum Met Raisin Exploring One of Italy’s Finest Flavors

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Raisins are a popular ingredient in traditional desserts, and a cherished staple in one of Europe’s most authentic flavors, Málaga, known in the U.S. as “Rum Raisin.” The Sicilians were the first ones to create Málaga gelato, which was originally made with wine instead of rum. The raisins were soaked overnight and mixed into vanilla… Read more »

Cheese: A Dessert Must or No-No?

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In the culinary world, wine and cheese share a special connection to the palate and the plate. This connection can be attributed to their harmonious varieties from complementary regions or simply the feng shui between taste and texture. But the lines are blurring as cheeses are now appearing in desserts. Choosing cheeses and wines can… Read more »

We All Go Nuts for Peanuts – What’s all the hype about America’s favorite nut?

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Convenient, inexpensive, good for you and delicious: they have it all! Peanuts are the most popular and consumed nuts in the United States and can be found nearly everywhere. Perfect for a quick snack to cut a craving before grocery shopping or to boost your energy before a workout, a large selection of peanuts can… Read more »

Frozen Desserts in Mainstream Media

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PreGel’s in-house celeb stalker, Kristen Payne, brings you the latest celeb sightings! Check out who enjoyed a glamorous cup of froyo or gelato this summer! Celebrities Who Chill With Frozen Yogurt: The new BuddhaBerry frozen yogurt shop in the Hamptons has been a magnet for celebrities this summer including the Kardashians, Julianne Moore, Paul McCartney… Read more »

A Palette for Your Palate The Art Behind this Year’s Trending Dessert Colors

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From rich purple hues to radiant yellows, this year’s trending dessert colors fuse rich tones and nature into edible masterpieces. With the increasing popularity of desserts, consumers have pushed for more colorful and innovative options in food. Consumers want to have a sensory experience with their food, and that typically begins with sight. The color… Read more »

Time for Tea

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With global tea production far outpacing that of coffee, coffee has a foe in tea. For the first decade of the new millennium, tea saw a worldwide increase of 40 percent, while coffee production rose a mere 7 percent, according to the International Tea Committee and the International Coffee Organization. Euromonitor International states that global… Read more »

Convenience Goes Gourmet C-Stores at the Crossroads of Gourmet and Convenient

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The name speaks for itself: convenience stores are all about quick and easy accessibility. Frequented by time-pressured consumers looking to multitask, they are the best destination to park, pump and pick something up to eat at the same time. As a preferred stop for on-the-go refreshments and meals, the trend of gourmet food being sold… Read more »

Desserts & Beverages: An Evolving Love Story

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Drinks and desserts, two of the hottest categories in the Foodservice Industry, are crossing over – inspiring and influencing each other and perhaps creating a new category altogether with dessert drinks. As we continue to see dessert-inspired drinks and drink-inspired desserts, the industry has a world of possibilities to innovate and surprise consumers reinventing what… Read more »

Say Mascarpone Cheese!

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Native to Lombardy, Italy, mascarpone is an intensely rich triple cream cheese that is said to have been created around the 16th century. Made from blending curdling milk with citric acid or acetic acid, the result produces a soft, sweet, creamy, spreadable fare. Mascarpone’s soft texture ranges from smooth and creamy to buttery, and it… Read more »

5-Ways: Coffee Costa d’Oro Traditional Paste & PreGel 5-Star Chef Pastry SelectTM Coffee Compound

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Ingredients: Method of Preparation: Combine the whole milk, heavy cream, condensed milk and the PreGel Coffee Costa d’Oro Traditional Paste (Espresso) with an immersion blender until well combined. Mix the sucrose, PreGel Nonfat Dry Milk (Grade A, Low Heat)PreGel Fruttosa® (Water & Milk Base – Hot/ Cold Process) and the ground caradmom together until smooth…


Whats Blooming: A Rich History of America’s Graham Cracker

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America’s love affair with the graham cracker is alive and thriving. With its sweet hint of sugar and cinnamon throughout the wafer, it is the quintessential everyday treat pairing perfectly with peanut butter, chocolate and marshmallows, and so much more.The story of the graham cracker is a unique one where the taste didn’t start off… Read more »

What’s In, What’s Out? The Origins of Food Trends

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Food trends are bountiful. Every day there is a new headline in food industry publications announcing innovative culinary hybrids, novel flavors, groundbreaking products or revived classics. Businesses and consumers are so bombarded with these different culinary developments that it often begs the question, where did these trends come from? Numbers Don’t Lie The saying goes,… Read more »

What’s Blooming: 5-Ways: Mascarpone Powdered Flavor

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Mascarpone Powdered Flavor A powdered flavoring that offers the classic taste of sweet, Italian cream cheese. Ingredients: Method of Preparation: 1. Combine all ingredients except PreGel Coriandolina® – Coffee in a large plastic bucket. 2. Mix well for 2-3 minutes using an immersion blender. 3. Place in hot process machine and process according to machine’s… Read more »

What’s Blooming: 5-Ways: 5-Star Chef Pastry SelectTM Brut Compound

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5-Star Chef Pastry SelectTM Brut Compound A brut Brut flavor for adding a touch of sophistication to any pastry application. Method of Preparation Combine cream and PreGel 5-Star Chef Pastry SelectTM Brut Compound and bring to a boil. Pour over Cacao Barry Zephyr White Chocolate and mix well with an immersion blender. Fill truffle or…


What’s Blooming: A Not-So-New But Beloved Novelty: The Ice Cream Sandwich!

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Once a cheap street treat, the ice cream sandwich is now considered a “novelty.” This is quite an accomplishment as the history of the ice cream sandwich paints a much humbler beginning. According to several food history sources, the popular sweet delight was introduced in the late 19th century and was sold to the “common… Read more »

What’s Blooming: 5-Ways: 5-Star Chef Pastry Select™ Pronto Pannacotta (Cooked Cream)

White Russian Pannacotta Martini

Method of Preparation In a pot, heat the milk and the 5-Star Chef Pastry Select™ Coffee Compound to 40°C/104°F. Remove from heat; whisk in 5-Star Chef Pastry Select™ Pronto Pannacotta (Cooked Cream) powder ; whisk in heavy cream. Assembly Pipe a small amount of 5-Star Chef Pastry Select™ Coffee Crisp Filling in the bottom of… Read more »

What’s Blooming: From Trends to Flavor and Concepts, What’s Blooming in International Kitchens

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Gastronomy is constantly evolving thanks to creativity, talented chefs and curiosity, but also technology and science, all of which allow for texture development, new ways of conservation, cooking styles and so forth. Even if traditional cuisine remains anchored in every culture, new trends continue to emerge around the word from Europe to Asia and America… Read more »

What’s Blooming: 5-Ways: Cinnamon Traditional Paste & Cinnamon Compound

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Method of Preparation Slice and brown bread in the oven. Add milk to toasted bread and allow to rest overnight in the refrigerator. Strain out bread to get 3000g of infused milk. Add the cream, brown butter, PreGel Cinnamon Traditional Paste and PreGel Ovissimo® (Pasteurized Egg Yolk). Mix together the rest of the dry ingredients… Read more »

What’s Blooming: 5-Ways: Wild Strawberry Light Arabeschi® & 5-Star Chef Pastry Select Strawberry Filling

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DIRECTIONS In a mixing bowl with a paddle attachment, add butter, egg yolks, eggs and 5-Star Chef Pastry Select Vanilla Compound. Mix until evenly incorporated. Add PreGel Frollis and almond flour; mix just until it comes together. Remove from mixing bowl and knead until smooth. Allow to rest for 10 minutes in refrigerator. Roll to… Read more »

5 Ways: Peach Mango

Understanding the versatility of products can help any business add to its existing offerings without adding expense. It just takes a little creativity and imagination. 5-Ways will feature one of PreGel’s premium products each issue and showcase a plethora of uses for it to capitalize on your investment. Here are some great ideas on how… Read more »

What’s Blooming: Go Figure!


It’s not hard to figure out why an introverted flower, which is commonly referred to as a fruit, has been revered by mankind since the beginning of civilized existence. Although July through September is the fresh market season for this succulent crop, there’s never a bad time to discuss the addictive fig. Figure These Facts… Read more »

What’s Blooming: The Blackberry: A Small Cluster of Big Flavor


Once upon a time, during an era not too long ago known as the twentieth century, the blackberry was more synonymous with the delicious, edible fruit than the technological device used for the purpose of electronic communication. Today, the good news for zealous connoisseurs and cooks alike is that the blackberry fruit is still an… Read more »

What’s Blooming: Vanilla, the Muse of Today’s Top Culinary Trends

Vanilla Muse

For thousands of years, muses have inspired some of the world’s most creative works. Be it animal, plant or human, these muses have brought out the greatness in all fields of the arts including painting, sculpture, fashion and even culinary. For every fashion designer inspired by Gisele Bündchen’s Brazilian sexiness, there is a culinary chef… Read more »