What’s Blooming: 5-Ways: Passion Fruit Arabeschi®

An Arabeschi® that tastes as if a passion fruit was squeezed directly into the tin with its delicious and edible passion fruit seeds.

Passion Fruit Marshmallows

300g12.5ozPreGel Textura (Mousse Base –
Gelatin Replacement)
100g3.5ozPreGel Albumissimo
(Egg White Base)
90g3.1ozPreGel Passion Fruit Arabeschi®
40g2.4oz5-Star Chef Pastry Select
Passion Fruit Compound

Passion Fruit MarshmallowsMETHOD OF PREPARATION
1. Bring water, sugar and glucose to a boil.
2. Pour into mixing bowl and add PreGel Albumissimo (Egg White Base); whip on high speed.
3. Combine PreGel Textura (Mousse Base – Gelatin Replacement)and second water; add to marshmallow mix and incorporate well.
4. Add 5-Star Chef Pastry Select Passion Fruit Compound and PreGel Passion Fruit Arabeschi® and incorporate well.
5. Pour onto a tray covered with snow sugar.

*5-Star Chef Pastry Select Passion Fruit Compound may be replaced with PreGel Passion Fruit Fortefrutto®

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