When it comes to making the important decision of where to spend four years in college, prospective students have a lot to consider. Historically, the deciding factors include academics, student life, campus housing and location, but today on-campus food and beverage offerings are a big recruiting factor for colleges and universities. College students today are… Read more »


A LOOK AT HOW FONTAINEBLEAU MIAMI BEACH IS TRANSFORMING DESSERTS FOR GUESTS AND PASSERSBY ALIKE Hotels and resorts continue to position themselves as a destination for eating, competing with fine dining and quick service restaurants locally. Hotel dining has been getting a makeover in the realm of upscale restaurants and healthy breakfast transformations, but a… Read more »


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Influencing The Image Of Supermarket Sweets Ever wonder why the in-store bakery is always near the front of grocery stores, enticing shoppers perusing the produce section? It’s not to fulfill a sweets void after stocking up on fruits and veggies. According to Progressive Grocer’s “State of The In-store Bakery” annual research study, 56.3 percent of… Read more »


Capitalizing On The Likeness Of Today’s Top Chefs Celebrity chefs. We all know them. Their faces are plastered all over TV screens, their brands have hit grocery store shelves, their book deals flood bookstores nationwide and their namesake restaurants are found in cities across the country. These prominent culinary masters are hard to miss thanks… Read more »

Frozen Desserts in Mainstream Media

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PreGel’s in-house celeb stalker, Kristen Payne, brings you the latest celeb sightings! Check out who enjoyed a glamorous cup of froyo or gelato this summer! Celebrities Who Chill With Frozen Yogurt: The new BuddhaBerry frozen yogurt shop in the Hamptons has been a magnet for celebrities this summer including the Kardashians, Julianne Moore, Paul McCartney… Read more »

Top Ten: Marketing Mistakes Dessert Businesses Are Making

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10. Avoiding Social Media If a business isn’t on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the like, how do they expect today’s consumer to find them? Social norms today include following, liking and friending businesses to get exclusive offers and feel like a personal relationship is formed between businesses and customers. With visual content on the rise… Read more »

Back To Our Roots: Seven Tastes of Italy’s Culinary Triumphs Throughout the Americas

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Across North and South America are seven pockets of Italy’s rich culinary history. They are PreGel’s Professional Training Centers, and they share a compelling story of Italy and Europe’s most revered ingredients and desser ts. Each one is unique to its location yet all carry the same motto – “blending your passion with our education.”… Read more »

Berry Healthy: Basics 101: Jumping Over the Sugar Hurdle – Discovering Healthy Sugar Alternatives

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Health-conscious consumers make up a greater share of today’s market. This raises a necessary concern among chefs and food establishment owners, as there is a constant battle of producing delicious desserts and baked goods while cutting calories and increasing nutritional value. While this task may seem daunting, there are excellent substitutions on the market that… Read more »

Feature Article: Playing Dress Up With your Desserts: It Really Is All In The Accessories A Global View of Garnishes

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Newsflash! Accessorizing is not only for fashionistas. Everything needs a little glitz and glamour, even in the form of dessert. After all, we do eat with our eyes. A wise person once said every dessert deserves a garnish. A garnish is widely known as anything that adds visual appeal to a plate in the form… Read more »