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You could say gelato is having the best year or decade ever, depending on which source you consult. While it’s an Italian frozen dessert that’s been around for thousands of years, to many Americans it’s the latest “IT” dessert to hit retail spaces and shelves, inching out traditional ice cream and trendy frozen yogurt. The Truth… Read more »


Desserts have always held a place in the world, but the carefully crafted and gourmet side that pastry falls under has managed to lead a rather unpredictable existence. Two years ago at a prominent industry event the moderator of a culinary panel made a bold statement claiming “the pastry chef is dead.” It sparked quite… Read more »


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A FOOD INGREDIENT MANUFACTURER Why Meeting The Highest Standard Is So Important Sourcing ingredients is one of the top priorities for any food businesses from stocking a kitchen to packaging products delivered direct to retail. In recent years, it’s become increasingly important with consumers sizing up where things are made and from what. First a… Read more »


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Change Is Abundant In This Competitive Sector The competition in quick service restaurants (QSRs) has always been stiff. Now more than ever the world of fast food is exploding with new ideas and concepts that are making it hard to keep score of who is leading the race. The need for this innovation stems from… Read more »


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Taking Over The Food Industry Are These Little Additions, And The Next Frontier Is Desserts Guilty! I am one of millions of Americans guilty of dipping, spreading, layering and squeezing sauces, condiments and dressings all over my food. I am the one requesting a side of barbecue sauce, ranch dressing, sweet and sour sauce, and… Read more »


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A Cheat Sheet To What Pairs Best When you think of desserts, usually a chocolate or fruit-based dish comes to mind. Both are classic dessert ingredients that transcend the ages. When you combine the two together, they become a powerful force that can make any dish pop. Whether made at home or in the world’s… Read more »


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A Look At The Latest Technology In Probiotics When did the food and beverage industry become so enthralled and proactive about our digestive health? From Activia® yogurt to ingredient supplements, a staunch focus on probiotics and the health benefits they offer is all over supermarkets and countless television advertisements. All of this attention has raised… Read more »

The Big 5: Frozen Dessert Basics

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The frozen dessert category is growing and evolving every day with numerous additions to the category in all facets of business from grocery shelves to QSRs. Ice cream, gelato, sorbet, frozen yogurt and custard are only the cusp of what’s out there, but constitute the BIG 5 of what shops are outputting. However, consumers are… Read more »

Top Ten: Crazy Flavor Ideas

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Whether it’s froyo, gelato or good ol’ ice cream, flavors are becoming more and more unique as the minds of chefs and dessert professionals go wild with endless pairings of all kinds. From ethnic-inspired to savory meets sweet, the ideas are sometimes scary, oftentimes amazing and so out of this world it’s hard to imagine… Read more »

Back to our Roots: PreGel’s Triumphant Return to the World’s Greatest Gelato Show

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Every January, the seaside town of Rimini, Italy comes to life in the dead of winter when thousands make the homage to one of the dessert world’s largest events, Sigep. To most in the U.S. it sounds like another trade show complete with vendors exhibiting, attendees milling about and extremely overpriced lunch stands. In some… Read more »

Berry Healthy: Basics 101: Understanding the Benefits of Fresh Versus Powdered Egg Whites

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If the culinary world had a boxing match, the headliner would be fresh ingredients versus powdered/concentrate ingredients. Trending are locally sourced, organic ingredients, which we can all appreciate, but are the alternatives really all that bad? In the culinary world, every ingredient out there serves a purpose. Today’s underdogs, the powders, concentrates and innovative ingredients… Read more »

Back to our Roots: The Man Trapped in the Tangled Web of Logistics

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Imports and exports to and from countries, distributors and businesses are an extremely important operation for global companies, and PreGel is no exception. Though the company has been doing it for over 45 years, the daily changes in legislation, paperwork, country requirements, taxes and every other detail can be and usually are extremely tedious. Shuffling… Read more »

Back to Our Roots: It All Starts with the Voice at the Other End of the Line

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“Thank you for calling PreGel AMERICA.” This is the voice you hear everytime you call, the voice that places your order, the voice that helps you pronounce “Arabeschi®,” the voice that listens and offers advice on the newest recipe you tried, and the voice that helps you get through the latest crisis – this is… Read more »

The World of SOCIAL COUPONING – A Trip to the Bank or Bankruptcy?


There’s a good, a bad and an ugly to the world of social couponing. The best way to avoid seeing your marketing investment flounder is to understand the intricacies of the strategy and investment before handing over your business’s marketing budget. A solid knowledge base and commitment to the program can result in a hefty… Read more »

Back to Our Roots: Key Accounts – Steering PreGel AMERICA Toward New Waters

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Seeking new markets and ventures, PreGel AMERICA’s Key Accounts division launched in 2008. The division was created based on the emerging and specific needs of the company’s high-level clients in key areas such as quick-service restaurants, cruise lines, high-yield bakeries, supermarkets and food manufacturers. Spearheaded by former East Coast Sales Manager Anna Pata, the department… Read more »

What’s Blooming: Vanilla, the Muse of Today’s Top Culinary Trends

Vanilla Muse

For thousands of years, muses have inspired some of the world’s most creative works. Be it animal, plant or human, these muses have brought out the greatness in all fields of the arts including painting, sculpture, fashion and even culinary. For every fashion designer inspired by Gisele Bündchen’s Brazilian sexiness, there is a culinary chef… Read more »

Sweet Reinvention

Sweet Reinvention

A closer look at the BIG trend of reinventing classic desserts As a professional marketer in the food industry, researching and reviewing the major trends in the industry and evaluating their staying power is a part of the everyday job. There are many trends that come and go like the seasons, while others are staples… Read more »

Finding the Perfect Herb: The Chef’s Garden Is Simplifying the Journey for Pastry Chefs

Perfect Herbs

In between the haute restaurant cultures of New York City and Chicago lies a business in the small town of Huron, Ohio, that is cultivating its own chic food culture through artisanal produce and herbs. From micro greens and herbs to specialty edible flowers, The Chef’s Garden, a sustainable family farm, is luring in top… Read more »