Making Noise & Driving Traffic: The Rise of Short-Term LTO’s

Thinking product development, new menu offering, or seasonal LTOs? Making noise and driving traffic with a new offering can be challenging. Marketing strategies change so fast, sometimes observing what big brands are doing can be a true inspiration to help you market your new products or limited-time offers. Some Marketing Takeaways on the Unicorn Frappuccino… Read more »


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Just like any other business dealing with competition and demanding customers, cruise lines need to constantly rethink their approach to please vacationers. Following the trends and innovations of the food industry on land, they must also come up with new concepts to remain competitive and attract a broader audience – especially after enduring bad press… Read more »


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The world of food and beverage is bursting with flavorful innovation. From new flavor profiles to trends that continue to expand today’s standard foods are getting a real flavor makeover. Even if flavoring is nothing new, the growing trend of infusing flavor into everyday products such as water, milk, teas and other beverages is on… Read more »


Creamy, fruity and alcoholic milkshakes are making a comeback in the food industry this year. Following the cupcake and frozen pop craze, nostalgia is showing little sign of slowing down on the food scene with this year’s new craze, reinvented milkshakes. The long-time American favorite, commonly called “shakes,” are commemorated by two national holidays on… Read more »


Menu Item Customization In Response To Millennial Expectations For Qsr & Fast Casual “I would like the house special without tomatoes — can you put cucumber instead? Do you have plain bread instead of cereal? No mustard, please, I’ll have ranch on the side.” If you ever found yourself asking for exactly what you want… Read more »


Aiming To Please The Top Spenders In Hotels According to the U.S. Travel Association, business travel in the U.S. was responsible for $246 billion in spending for 2012. The horizon for the travel industry is bright for 2013 with an expected increase of 4.6 percent to reach $266.7 billion. Looking at these numbers, it’s easy… Read more »


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From Diglyceride To Guar Gum, What Are These Things Really? Myths and misconceptions about food and ingredients are part of daily life in the food industry. Claims such as “I only eat light products because they are good for me” and “corn syrup is a secret poison” are commonly heard. Nowadays, the words “natural,” “gluten-free”… Read more »


Flavoring America You can find them in coffee, ice cream, chocolate delicacies, flour, oil or as a spread because hazelnuts are all the rage and making their way into a multitude of our daily consumables. Alone or mixed with chocolate, the hazelnut is being incorporated into popular food products and dishes in all facets of… Read more »


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Gourmet Dining Is Set To Surge As Consumers Demand More High-End Experiences Hospitals, hotels and Universities around the world have been diversifying at a fast pace to respond to a more and more cosmopolitan audience. The cuisine and food services in on-campus restaurants and dining halls, hotel lounges and hospital cafeterias are reaching new heights… Read more »

Specialty Bakeries: The Rise of Sweet and Successful Niche Concepts

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Niche markets are thriving in the world of sweets. Specialty bakeries are popping up and prospering thanks to their unique and creative concepts, and the evolving demand of the industry. Modern customers and dessert lovers are seeking interesting treats with personality and are also on the lookout for local and better-for-you options at the same… Read more »

Chef Frederic Monti Shares Talents in Toronto, Canada

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Bringing both his impressive pastry skills and engaging personality to Toronto, Chef Frédéric Monti, corporate pastry chef for PreGel America and Cacao Barry Ambassador, showcased innovative techniques and classic flavor combinations to a full class. The February 18, 2015 PreGel 5-Star Pastry Ambassador demonstration was organized in partnership with Cacao Barry, bringing local Toronto pastry… Read more »

Ever Thought About Going Wholesale? The Reasons Why It’s Worth It.

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All gelato businesses have a common dream: to be successful and make the world’s best gelato. Most independent businesses start with a small gelato shop pouring their passion and knowledge into it. Once they accomplish opening a brick and mortar store, then comes the decision on how to extend their businesses beyond the walls of… Read more »

We All Go Nuts for Peanuts – What’s all the hype about America’s favorite nut?

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Convenient, inexpensive, good for you and delicious: they have it all! Peanuts are the most popular and consumed nuts in the United States and can be found nearly everywhere. Perfect for a quick snack to cut a craving before grocery shopping or to boost your energy before a workout, a large selection of peanuts can… Read more »

Convenience Goes Gourmet C-Stores at the Crossroads of Gourmet and Convenient

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The name speaks for itself: convenience stores are all about quick and easy accessibility. Frequented by time-pressured consumers looking to multitask, they are the best destination to park, pump and pick something up to eat at the same time. As a preferred stop for on-the-go refreshments and meals, the trend of gourmet food being sold… Read more »

Berry Healthy: Understanding the Standards and Variations of Timeless Pastry Items

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Pastries are sophisticated and elegant desserts that demand high expectations from customers. They aren’t the easiest to craft and understand, often taking years of culinary schooling to perfect. Pastries often have unpronounceable names because of their provenance, but these delicacies are big players in the food industry and thus deserve a basic understanding.With similar names… Read more »

Featured Article: Taste of Inspiration from the Kitchen: Turning Ideas into Novelties

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From seasons to trends and latest innovations, dining options are being revamped as fast as consumer tastes and demands are changing. Finding inspiration to launch successful flavors, products or recipes can be a real challenge for chefs and companies that have to deal with the rapid replacement of products on the market and the logistics… Read more »

What’s Blooming: A Not-So-New But Beloved Novelty: The Ice Cream Sandwich!

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Once a cheap street treat, the ice cream sandwich is now considered a “novelty.” This is quite an accomplishment as the history of the ice cream sandwich paints a much humbler beginning. According to several food history sources, the popular sweet delight was introduced in the late 19th century and was sold to the “common… Read more »

Feature Article: Demographics: Incomes, Genders, Buying Habits, Ethnicities, etc.

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Imagine practicing archery blindfolded, or hunting with your eyes closed. Not that easy, if not impossible without seeing your target. The same concept can be applied to your business. Whether you are a business owner or thinking about opening a store, your business plan must include the following objectives: research and learn as much as… Read more »

What’s Blooming: From Trends to Flavor and Concepts, What’s Blooming in International Kitchens

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Gastronomy is constantly evolving thanks to creativity, talented chefs and curiosity, but also technology and science, all of which allow for texture development, new ways of conservation, cooking styles and so forth. Even if traditional cuisine remains anchored in every culture, new trends continue to emerge around the word from Europe to Asia and America… Read more »