Where’s for Dinner?

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The International Design of American Cuisine We experience it time and again, as it occurs very frequently in almost all areas of life. It happens in fashion; cosmetics; beauty; semantics (speech); entertainment; religion; and, yes, cuisine—from what we eat to how we dine. The “what” that is being discussed here is international influence. For instance,… Read more »

Continuous Freezers: Just Keep on Churning Along

“How to Become a Gelatopreneur with PreGel” is the title of the three-minute edutainment short hosted on www.pregelamerica.com, PreGel America’s website, explaining that the upfront cost of a starter business can range from anywhere between $100K-$200K due to everything from building costs to equipment essentials such as immersion blenders, batch freezers, display case(s), refrigerators, and… Read more »

Ancient Grains and Desserts

A Beneficial Union As recently as May of 2016, The Plate, a blog published by www.nationalgeographic.com, reported about a national survey which found that 84 percent of Americans throw away food based on the sell by date stamped on packages. Yet, ancient — a word partly defined as having the qualities of age or long… Read more »

Phenomenal Women of Pastry

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There is a suggestive idiom that has solidified a place in history and woven its premise into the fabrics of many cultures. It has been the topic of debate beginning in the 19th century (according to documented history); it has been the basis of countless social and political movements; it has forged the idea of… Read more »

Gelotti: A Passion Fulfilled

Gelotti’s of New Jersey is a stellar example of passion for frozen desserts realized. The enthusiasm felt by the human engine of this three-location establishment is authentically contagious. A true appreciation for ice cream, gelato, and serving their communities through love of the culinary craft and innovation the Gelotti family practices on a daily basis… Read more »

Everybody Has a Food Story.

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Here’s My Tale of the Pecan “Hello!” I greeted in an almost overly-cheerful tone. Excitement radiated from my bright young eyes as I hurriedly approached the counter of my family’s favorite ice cream chain with a very important task to execute. I, at the time, a proud seven-year-old, was gifted the opportunity to place the… Read more »


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Generally speaking, past and present music powerhouses such as The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson or Beyoncé Knowles Carter may elicit words such as frenzy, exhilaration, craze or mania among their fans similar to how pumpkin, Cronuts®, ramen burgers and gluten-free products have evoked the same for foodies. Much like entertainment, food trends create excitement,… Read more »


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IN-STORE IMPULSE BUYS VS. ONLINE SHOPPING You’re waiting in line to make a quick, small purchase at a grocery store. Products are strategically placed in the immediate checkout area to specifically taunt you.You continue to wait in line tormented by the additional temptation of salacious magazine headlines, indulgent candy bars and bubble gum, chilled sodas… Read more »


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Grocery Displacement: the moment a consumer enters an unfamiliar grocery store, and anxiety and panic begin to set in as they assess how they will attempt to navigate the unknown aisles to find all the things on their shopping list. es, despite not yet being defined in Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, this is a real thing. In… Read more »


Staff Appreciation Boosts Business It’s another workday, and among all the other responsibilities that need to be addressed, one’s own nourishment is of major significance for planning the day. Whether it’s getting started with what is said to be the most important meal of the day (breakfast) or pondering what to eat at the crest… Read more »


Sit-In Is The New Takeout America is a nation of varying types of foodies who love to explore new flavor profiles, textures, ethnic dishes, healthy snacks, dessert indulgences, reinvented classics and almost everything in between. For the foodie and average time-pressed individual, blending palate satisfaction and convenience is imperative. One solution is today’s new and… Read more »


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Definition: A Grocery And Restaurant Merged Into One What’s for dinner tonight? There are so many options to choose from: Chinese, Italian, Mexican, American, Greek, etc., and nowadays it can all be found under one roof along with fresh produce and your standard pharmaceutical needs. The modern day grocerant, a grocery and restaurant merged into… Read more »


Will Sides And Snacks Replace Entrées? In today’s society each second seems to move faster than the last, which can make it hard for anyone to find enough time for much of anything, including eating. Quick service restaurants (QSR) are very aware of the overwhelming schedules many people have become subject to, due to the… Read more »


Food Sustainability On The High Seas If you were in the middle of nowhere hundreds of miles from land, what’s the one thing you would want to eat? Although this popular query is not an unfamiliar conversation piece, it’s a question that the fine kitchens of luxury cruise lines never want their visitors to ask…. Read more »

SUBLIME DOUGHNUTS: Full-Bodied Pastries, Despite the Hole

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Behind the polished glass of a doughnut shop’s pastry display case lies a stunning collection of pure culinary allurement. Fresh pastries of varying shapes and sizes are dressed up with colorful and sweet glazes, toppings and garnishes canvassing the surface of every impeccably prepared treat. The sight of this edible eye-candy is enough to overcome… Read more »

Meet PreGel’s Creative Design Team: Masters of Visual Communication

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“Art is pattern informed by sensibility.” – Herbert Read, poet, and art critic This quote couldn’t better describe the work produced by PreGel’s Creative Design Team – a super talented group of visual artists whose unique conceptions spawn from sensibility. Utilizing their knowledge of PreGel products, the specific goals they set for each artistic initiative… Read more »

Marketing to Children

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The Makings of Brand Loyalty The experience of shopping with a child, who let’s face it, has all the power of purchase at their fingertips, is interesting at best. The scenario goes as follows: wondrous eyes navigate the bounty of tempting goodies surrounding them. Small, excited faces gleam with excitement in anticipation of filling their… Read more »

“Nobody Knows the Truffles I’ve Seen” A Sweet Journey Inside San Francisco’s Sixth Course

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Most of you are familiar with the quote made famous by the movie “Forest Gump,” “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” For Bridget Labus and Gianina Serrano, chefs and owners of Sixth Course in San Francisco, CA, life is chocolate (truffles to be exact) and every filling… Read more »

HR Corner: The Business Advantages of Philanthropy

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The last two months of every year fill people with goodwill as they get into the holiday spirit. The admirable energy also often attracts businesses. Philanthropic contributions and working within communities to improve them play a big part in many companies’ corporate culture. Altruistic donations are a win-win for businesses and charities alike, as the… Read more »

Words of Wisdom: A Look Back at Inspirational Advice from Successful Dessertpreneurs

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Pearls of wisdom and uplifting stories have been shared by successful dessertpreneurs over the past six years in the many issues of Views From the Tree. As business owners, obstacles and understanding how to overcome them are the common denominators shared across the board. Whether you are just opening your establishment or have already proven… Read more »

The Complete Package: The Women Leading PreGel

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We all know a woman like “her” – intelligent, witty, stylish, talented and well-respected. This type of Renaissance woman is also commonly referred to as “the complete package,” and the women on PreGel AMERICA’s executive team are breathing examples of “her.” PreGel’s army of nine strong-willed females effortlessly exude femininity while firmly showcasing a woman’s… Read more »

Say Mascarpone Cheese!

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Native to Lombardy, Italy, mascarpone is an intensely rich triple cream cheese that is said to have been created around the 16th century. Made from blending curdling milk with citric acid or acetic acid, the result produces a soft, sweet, creamy, spreadable fare. Mascarpone’s soft texture ranges from smooth and creamy to buttery, and it… Read more »

Whats Blooming: A Rich History of America’s Graham Cracker

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America’s love affair with the graham cracker is alive and thriving. With its sweet hint of sugar and cinnamon throughout the wafer, it is the quintessential everyday treat pairing perfectly with peanut butter, chocolate and marshmallows, and so much more.The story of the graham cracker is a unique one where the taste didn’t start off… Read more »

Tree Talk: Employee Evaluations: The Ultimate One-on-One

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Unlike the annual end-of- year company get-together, the process of an employee evaluation is not one many managers or employees look forward to. According to the ar ticle “Why Employees Don’t Like Performance Appraisals” on Chron.com, performance appraisals cause employees to fret over job security, status, eligibility for promotion and possible bias or unfair ratings…. Read more »

Customer Q&A: International Delight Café – A Jewel of the Isle

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Long Island, NY, is home to numerous major tourist attractions including the Montauk Point Lighthouse, Long Island Sound, the chic Hamptons, Nassau Coliseum, Jones Beach and some of the finest vineyards in the northeast. But located in the quaint Nassau County metropolis of Bellmore is a cozy eatery that houses one of the biggest selections… Read more »

What’s In, What’s Out? The Origins of Food Trends

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Food trends are bountiful. Every day there is a new headline in food industry publications announcing innovative culinary hybrids, novel flavors, groundbreaking products or revived classics. Businesses and consumers are so bombarded with these different culinary developments that it often begs the question, where did these trends come from? Numbers Don’t Lie The saying goes,… Read more »