What’s Blooming: Twisting Traditional Up

Salted Caramel Cafettone

Salted Caramel CafettoneAfter two years of research, a few glimpses at industry shows and a lot of anticipation, PreGel is finally ready to reveal its newest product line this winter, and it is really “Twisting Traditional Up” in the dessert and beverage world.

A New Brand to Know

Branded as Caféttone™, Fruittone™ and Yogurttone™, PreGel is serving up three new concoctions that can be classified as a frozen dessert or beverage depending on how business owners prefer to serve it – with a spoon or a straw. The Caféttone™ brand features cream-based flavors that include Salted Caramel, Fior di Latte (Sweetened Milk), Mascarpone (also known as Italian Cream Cheese) and rich, Dark Chocolate. Each delicious in their own right, when the products are swirled with a shot of espresso or coffee, it takes the dessert and beverage to another level. The Fruittone™ brand, on the other hand, features the refreshing flavors of Pear, Strawberry and Pink Grapefruit. While Fruittone™ is palatable as a dessert, when served with juice it becomes a whole new beverage worth exploring. The third brand, Yogurttone™, only offers one flavor, yogurt, but leaves endless options for business owners to create frozen yogurt parfaits, beverages and more. Whether paired or served alone, the campaign slogan for Caféttone™, Fruittone™ and Yogurttone™ states these frozen desserts and beverages are “Twisting Traditional Up.” Compared to what’s out there, especially with the unique play on flavors such as pink grapefruit and salted caramel, they are as unique as their Italian-inspired names.

The brands were created for business owners to utilize at the consumer level, straying away from PreGel’s traditional supplier methods of providing a “behind the scenes” b2b product and leaving it to the clients to brand and market. In fact, PreGel offers a specialized marketing kit for each of the brands for clients to immediately begin marketing and selling the product as soon as it arrives at their location.

The Product & Equipment Behind Caféttone™, Fruittone™ and Yogurttone™

Breaking the launch down to the B2B level, Caféttone™, Fruittone™ and Yogurttone™ are revolutionary from the equipment used for production to the product mixes. For the first time in the company’s history, PreGel is selling both the equipment and the mixes. The machines are similar to a slush machine in appearance, but the compressors freeze the mixes to a much lower temperature, which creates a frozen product somewhere between the consistency of soft serve and a smoothie. While PreGel plans to sell a variety of machine models, the only current machine is the Ugolini MiniGel from Italy, being sold under an exclusive distribution agreement for the U.S.

Manufactured by PreGel are the product mixes for the machines. The line of mixes is called Tenerissimo™, and the technology used to produce them stems from the huge success the company has had with the Super Sprint line of products. Both powder mixes are defined by their easy-to-use processes, the consistency they achieve and their authenticity of flavor. The process is easy – pour the powdered mix into a bucket, add water or milk, blend well, and place into the machine. The time for the mix to freeze is around 45–60 minutes. What business owners will love most is that the mix is shelf-stable, and once in the machine, the product can go on standby overnight.

Marketing Kit

Marketing Kit

While businesses can purchase each component individually, PreGel is selling the machine and the Tenerissimo™ mixes as a package that includes a free marketing kit to customers. The value is incredible for many business owners wanting to branch out into frozen desserts and beverages, but not wanting to invest the amount of money for larger equipment such as soft serve or gelato machines.

Endless Market & Recipe Opportunities

Most unique about the whole launch is the variety of markets Caféttone™, Yogurttone™ and Friuttone™ can reach and the endless options to create with the product. The ideal businesses to incorporate Caféttone™, Yogurttone™ and Fruittone™ include coffee shops, existing frozen dessert and beverage businesses, fast-casual and quick-service restaurants, cafés, bars, hotels, resorts, movie theaters and convenience stores. The brands are great for many different targets because they fit really well into any day-part and ultimately offer the opportunity for a lot of creativity. The chefs at PreGel’s North Carolina Professional Training Center have been able to create some great recipes and pairings with the new products including a pear-cucumber flavor, a white mint-chocolate flavor and have had a lot of success pairing alcohol such as prosecco with Pink Grapefruit and Bailey’s with Fior di Latte. The plethora of ideas to innovate with the numerous flavors is something that PreGel predicts will be an exciting and promising challenge for its clients.

The Tenerissimo™ product, the equipment and the new brands of Caféttone™, Fruittone™ and Yogurttone™ were so HOT that PreGel couldn’t stay quiet about it and had to report it under the “What’s Blooming” column. The company foresees the concept as a major trend in 2012 with beverage desserts and smoothies continuing to be big business and the never-ending quest for new products always an important topic. Sometimes we just have to “Twist Traditional Up” in our daily lives and stores, and now that it’s here, we hope you will too.