Think Outside of the (Pastry) Box

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The Pastry Industry: Sweet Foundations & Savory Fillings There’s no doubt that today’s consumer is open to experiment with new flavors. More than ever before, companies are turning to exotic new ingredient trends that tend to have a more elevated savory positioning. Whether it’s beverages such as fruit and vegetable infused juices, jalapeño peanut butter,… Read more »

What’s the Difference between Flavored Syrups & Extract Syrups?

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When it comes to choosing certain foods, especially in today’s market, shoppers are already saturated with choice, but you also have to consider the subcategories of those products. Let’s take, for instance, flavored syrups vs extracts. Flavored syrups come in all types of varieties including sugar free, natural, organic, gluten-free, concentrated, sweetener syrups, etc., and… Read more »

Moooove Over Cow’s Milk?

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Have you ever walked down the dairy aisle of a grocery store and wondered why they don’t carry camel milk? Me neither. But let’s entertain that thought. Why don’t we see more varieties of milk in our dairy cases? Why are all ice creams made from cow’s milk? Well, let’s not put all our eggs… Read more »

Keeping It 100%

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Why it’s important to consider all ingredients in your recipe when making goods with dietary restrictions Considering the dozens of today’s food labels that read gluten-free, vegan, kosher, and so forth, it may be hard for some people to believe that there was once no such thing as dietary restrictions on a mainstream level in… Read more »

Making Healthier Dessert Options

Utilizing Lighter Ingredients for Appetizing Dessert Options By now, many people have thought about what they would like their New Year’s resolutions to be, a lot of which likely have to do with eating healthier and changing their habits. But making the full dietary transition can be difficult, seeing as eating healthy can be more… Read more »

The Tie That Binds

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A Breakdown of PreGel’s Vellutina® (Sorbitol Paste) We’ve all heard the old adage that “oil and water don’t mix.” Although the phrase is one that most people perceive to be true, the fact is, the basis behind the saying isn’t completely accurate. When it comes to frozen desserts, perhaps the most important quality that many… Read more »

Getting Creative with Cuts

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At a time when the nation’s economy is unpredictable, many companies and organizations are trying to find immediate cost-saving strategies. With widespread strikes for higher minimum wage, companies are spurring towards innovation to reduce rising costs. Unfortunately, layoffs in the Hospitality Industry are far too real an occurrence due to the high labor costs associated… Read more »

Preparing the Perfect Pop

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Remember hearing the music from the ice cream truck as it drove through your neighborhood? That memory instantly evokes nostalgia from your childhood. Maybe it was a hot summer day and you needed to cool off, or maybe you just needed a special treat. Either way, I bet you can taste that memory. In today’s… Read more »

Menu Innovations

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For years, the more options a restaurant had the better. Many chains figured if they offered more on their menus then there was less of a chance that diners would want to go elsewhere. Fortunately, Americans are growing tired of clunky and confusing menus. The over-complicated items that span countries and cuisines are now being… Read more »

Cheese: A Dessert Must or No-No?

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In the culinary world, wine and cheese share a special connection to the palate and the plate. This connection can be attributed to their harmonious varieties from complementary regions or simply the feng shui between taste and texture. But the lines are blurring as cheeses are now appearing in desserts. Choosing cheeses and wines can… Read more »

Time for Tea

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With global tea production far outpacing that of coffee, coffee has a foe in tea. For the first decade of the new millennium, tea saw a worldwide increase of 40 percent, while coffee production rose a mere 7 percent, according to the International Tea Committee and the International Coffee Organization. Euromonitor International states that global… Read more »