Back to Our Roots: It All Starts with the Voice at the Other End of the Line

“Thank you for calling PreGel AMERICA.”

Special Service Team

PreGel AMERICA's Special Service Team. Pictured left to right: Edwin Arce, Rosemarie Bruney, Janae Morris, Gina Campanaro, Yolanda King, Daniel Medina

This is the voice you hear everytime you call, the voice that places your order, the voice that helps you pronounce “Arabeschi®,” the voice that listens and offers advice on the newest recipe you tried, and the voice that helps you get through the latest crisis – this is the voice of your Special Service Representative. You talk to them, you laugh with them, you share your frustrations with them, you ask them for help, and they never fail, they are always there for you. PreGel’s Special Service Team is a division unlike any other in the company. They require an extensive knowledge of every facet of the company and train continuously. They serve as liaisons between you and the company, and do their best to ensure that your experience is always superior. They are relationship experts who understand that communication is key. They understand that adapting to the situation at hand is critical and that listening is sometimes the best remedy of all. They are your partner. Meet PreGel AMERICA’s Special Service Team and learn about the most rewarding customer experience they’ve had since working at PreGel:

Rosemarie Bruney
Special Service Representative, East Central
Years with PreGel AMERICA: 3

“One of our local customers is a restaurant. One day, he ordered an item and his credit card was declined. He was so desperate for the product, I hand-delivered a sample of the product to him. Now, I never pay when I eat at his restaurant (but I tip half the amount on the check).”

Janae Morris
Special Service Representative, West South and West Central
Years with PreGel AMERICA: 4

“The most rewarding experience I can ever get from any customer is the authenticity I hear in their voices when they simply say … thank you. That alone is gratifying enough to motivate me and encourage me to do my absolute best on good and, even more so, on professionally hard days. A customer’s sincere gratitude is definitely my most rewarding experience.”

Gina Campanaro
Special Service Representative, Central North and West North
Years with PreGel AMERICA: 1

“A customer in the Central region told me, ‘That’s why I stay with PreGel – you always take such good care of me! Your staff can always answer any question I have!’”

Yolanda King
Special Service Representative, East North
Years with PreGel AMERICA: 4

“A customer was going to one of our distributors to purchase smaller quantities. She wrote, ‘I’ll miss having your super customer service. So maybe a larger quantity isn’t that bad???’ It made me feel as though I provided much more than a product to her.”

Daniel Medina
Special Service Representative, Foreign, East South and Central South
Years with PreGel AMERICA: 1

“ When a customer thanks me for the attention I gave to their order. I take pleasure in affording great customer service to every one of our customers.”

Edwin Arce
Special Service Team Manager
Years with PreGel AMERICA: 1

“Providing great customer service with a fantastic product is my passion. I’m a servant at heart, and knowing that my team creates a special experience for customers every day is a rewarding experience for me.”