PreGel Favorites: Fall & Winter Flavors

Welcome back to the second installment of What We Are Loving at PreGel Right Now! We are so excited about some of our fall and winter products coming out and hope you are too. This time of year is always filled with nostalgia so planning product launches is always a favorite of the staff. We hope you like what’s coming your way…

Pumpkin Seed Dry Toppings
The best part of carving a pumpkin is the pumpkin seeds! A great seasonal topper for frozen yogurt, gelato and even a verrine, flavored pumpkin seeds are the latest addition to our variety of topping solutions. They aren’t your average pumpkin seeds as each is coated with a delicious layer of ginger, cinnamon, vanilla or honey. Honestly, they are so good I didn’t minded the extra sample bag for photo shoots conveniently sitting on my office shelf for a little pick-me-up here and there.

Pino Pinguino® Graham Cracker
Could this line get any tastier? This latest addition to the Pino Pinguino® family is a graham cracker sauce that is creamy with little specks of graham cracker. The most exciting part of this product is the boundless ideas for recipes; cheesecake, apple pie, cherry pie, s’mores. It’s 9:30am as I write this and despite how early it is, my stomach is growling to try these combos.

Zabajone Traditional Paste (Egg & Marsala)
I have to give a shot out to an oldie but goodie, especially since we crave this egg and marsala flavor paste at this time each year. We use this traditional Italian flavor as a part of our Egg Nog gelato or soft serve recipe – it’s deliciously creamy and contagious. While in Sigep earlier this year, National Sales Manager Jack Duke and I tried our PreGel 5-Star Chef Pastry Select™ Pronto Pastry Cream flavored with the Zabajone in a pate choux, and let’s just say we are both hooked!