Top Ten: Chocolate Gelato Ideas

Top Ten Chocolate Gelato

You’ll love this collection of our finest chocolate gelato ideas! From one-of-a kind to classic chocolate flavors, these recipes are the top-ranked chocolate gelato creations produced by the PreGel Professional Training Center staff. These creations were selected as the best for their uniqueness and/or simplicity by customers, clients and the PreGel Staff.   10.  Chocolate… Read more »

Top 10: Holiday Favorite with a Twist

“Baby, it’s cold outside!” As winter is right around the corner, it’s time to bring out those cozy dessert ideas to keep you company on those cold days and nights. We’re about to present to you ten holiday dessert favorites with a slight twist. Where more traditional recipes have never failed you in the past,… Read more »

Top 10: Portable Desserts

The dessert industry is flooded with a buffet of innovative ideas for those who prefer a stationary treat, and others who want a sweet snack (or meal replacement) while on the move.  Here you will find ten concepts of convenient and practical portable desserts that can take your menu to the next level. Some of… Read more »


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A FOOD INGREDIENT MANUFACTURER Why Meeting The Highest Standard Is So Important Sourcing ingredients is one of the top priorities for any food businesses from stocking a kitchen to packaging products delivered direct to retail. In recent years, it’s become increasingly important with consumers sizing up where things are made and from what. First a… Read more »

Top 10: Evolution of Childhood Desserts

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There are certain smells, flavors, and most importantly desserts (for those with a sweet tooth) that take us back to childhood memories of indulgence, messiness, and overall happiness. For some of us, it could be the simple aroma of our grandmother’s signature chocolate cake recipe, or the s’mores we’ve enjoyed with friends and loved ones… Read more »

Top Ten: Marketing Mistakes Dessert Businesses Are Making

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10. Avoiding Social Media If a business isn’t on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the like, how do they expect today’s consumer to find them? Social norms today include following, liking and friending businesses to get exclusive offers and feel like a personal relationship is formed between businesses and customers. With visual content on the rise… Read more »

Top Ten: Up-and-Budding Fruits

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Are you ready to try the latest and greatest fruits making their debut in the American market and fighting to be the new staple on dessert menus everywhere? 10. Mangosteen, Originating in Southeast Asia, Mangosteen has become the truffle of the fruit family, being a luxury for those who can afford it. Mangosteen has a deep… Read more »

Top Ten: Tastes of Warm, Winter Nostalgia

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The spicy scent of gingerbread baking in the oven, the warmth of a hot chocolate mug against frozen fingers and the buttery taste of grandmother’s holiday cookies all evoke an emotion just by seeing the word such as gingerbread on a menu. According to Marcia Pelchat, a scientist at the Morrell Chemical Senses Center, consumers… Read more »

Top Ten: Crazy Flavor Ideas

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Whether it’s froyo, gelato or good ol’ ice cream, flavors are becoming more and more unique as the minds of chefs and dessert professionals go wild with endless pairings of all kinds. From ethnic-inspired to savory meets sweet, the ideas are sometimes scary, oftentimes amazing and so out of this world it’s hard to imagine… Read more »

Top Ten: 10 Food Holidays Around the Globe – Andiamo a Mangiare!

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One of the most important holidays in India, Diwali, or “festival of lights,” is a time to celebrate the victory of good over evil. Following the Hindu calendar, Diwali falls between mid-October and mid-November. Indians decorate their homes, set off firecrackers at night, and exchange sweets between family and friends, including Kesar Burfi (cashew nuts… Read more »

Top Ten: Photography Tips

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It’s true, consumers eat with their eyes. That’s why it’s extremely helpful to have good photographs to showcase your products. It’s like adding curb appeal to your menu; the more delicious and mouthwatering an entrée appears, the more likely it is that people will order it. Fortunately, with the advancement in camera technology you don’t… Read more »

Top Ten: Industry Terms

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We’ve all heard these key industry words buzzing in magazines, legislation, conversations and online, but do we truly know what they mean? Let’s take a closer look at the Top 10 Specialty Dessert Industry terms we’ve been hearing a lot of and see what the experts are saying they really stand for. 10. “Artisanal” Hand-made… Read more »

Top Ten: Official State Desserts

Whoopie Pies

10. Key Lime Pie – As its name implies, Key Lime Pie was invented in the late 19th century in the Florida Keys, which is also where Key limes are grown. One of America’s most-loved regional desserts, Florida’s famed Key Lime Pie was designated as the official state dessert in 2006. Named after the southernmost… Read more »

Top Ten: Hot Trends in the Industry


Here are the top ten trends that are transforming the dessert industry right now. We reviewed all the major sources out there including, hospitality and restaurant consultants Andrew Freeman & Co. The National Restaurant Association, Technomic Inc. and the PreGel Professional Training Center to present the best of the best to look out for…. Read more »

Top Ten: Vanilla Gelato Recipes

Vanilla Whiskey Caramel Gelato

Last issue, we shared with you our collection of our finest chocolate gelato recipes; so it’s only natural that, for this issue, we share with you our premium vanilla gelato recipes. These recipes are the top-ranked vanilla gelato creations produced using PreGel’s beloved Vanilla Traditional Pastes (Vanilla Mexico Superior, Vanilla Velvet and Vanilla Purissima Bean)…. Read more »

Top Ten: Culinary Herbs and Recipes

Top Herbs

1. Basil Popular in both Mediterranean and Asian cuisine, basil has many varieties and is prized for its spicy, clove-like flavor. Recipe suggestion: Coconut Basil Gelato 2. Lavender A very fragrant, slightly sweet herb used in perfumes and teas as well as for cooking and baking. Recipe suggestion: Lavender Spritz Cookies 3. Thyme Often used… Read more »

Top Ten: Magazines Specialty Dessert Professionals Should Be Reading

Dessert magazines

1. Dessert Professional – Launched in 2008, Dessert Professional combines three previously existing industry magazines, Pastry Art & Design, Frozen Desserts and Chocolatier, into one. While the focus is still divided by the major categories of pastry, frozen desserts and chocolates, it covers a wide range of topics and caters to a much larger audience… Read more »

Top Ten: Recipe Bloopers

Recipe Bloopers

NOT EVERY EXPERIMENT IS A SUCCESS… OUR CUSTOMERS SHARE SOME OF THEIR BLOOPERS. A little experimentation is always needed to develop new recipes. As with any project, not every experiment is a success. We’ve seen and heard a lot over the years from different customers about their successful new flavors and creations, and they’ve even… Read more »

Top Ten: 10 Ways to Put Leftover Gelato to Work

Togo Gelato

1. Coffee Can Solve Anything – Affogato Anyone? Coffee and gelato are as traditionally Italian as pasta and sauce. Considering coffee’s popularity in America (about 50 percent of Americans drink coffee every day1), blending an American essential with an Italian classic will capture the interest of frequent and new customers alike. Affogato is gelato topped… Read more »

Top Ten: Don’t Let the Slow Season Get You Down – 10 Ideas to Keep Profits & Customers Coming

Top Ten Slow Season

1. Create a Desirable Atmosphere Seasons, holidays and even the time of day can evoke a different emotion and feeling for consumers, which can affect their buying habits. Decorate your store to match a season or holiday, and add elements such as music, featured products and lighting to complement those emotions and feelings. Adapting your… Read more »

Top 10: Mistakes in Gelato Businesses

Top Ten Mistakes In Gelato Business

10. Failure to Create a Pleasant or Memorable Experience The atmosphere and mood of your establishment serves as a reflection of the goods you provide. Consumers seek environments that are clean, inviting and comfortable. Consider all aspects of the experience, including lighting, amenities, available seating, traffic flow and the character of the location. Remember that… Read more »