No Pain, No Gain

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There is no gain in business without a little pain. My family knows this all too well after having spent over a century building gelato businesses in Italy and Germany, and I now continue this lesson as I help the Rabboni and PreGel legacy continue to plant roots in North and South America. But let… Read more »

PreGel America Partners With Pavoni®

pregel partners with pavoni

PreGel named exclusive U.S. distributor for frozen pop supplies PreGel America is excited to announce the addition of Pavoni® molds and displays to its ServIce® line of supplies and equipment through an exclusive partnership with the U.S. market. The reusable molds are flexible, dishwasher safe and are suitable for baking up to 500°F/260°C. Molds come… Read more »

Staying On Trend

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The Great Wolf Lodge Shares the Best Avenue for Success Being at the forefront of new up-and-coming trends is an important part of the Hospitality and Food Industries. Whether you are a hotel owner or the head chef at a restaurant, you need to stay aware of what is happening in the industry, know what… Read more »

Chef Frederic Monti Shares Talents in Toronto, Canada

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Bringing both his impressive pastry skills and engaging personality to Toronto, Chef Frédéric Monti, corporate pastry chef for PreGel America and Cacao Barry Ambassador, showcased innovative techniques and classic flavor combinations to a full class. The February 18, 2015 PreGel 5-Star Pastry Ambassador demonstration was organized in partnership with Cacao Barry, bringing local Toronto pastry… Read more »

Marketing to Children

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The Makings of Brand Loyalty The experience of shopping with a child, who let’s face it, has all the power of purchase at their fingertips, is interesting at best. The scenario goes as follows: wondrous eyes navigate the bounty of tempting goodies surrounding them. Small, excited faces gleam with excitement in anticipation of filling their… Read more »

The Art of Playing With Food

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From the walls to the plates, restaurant owners have always recognized the relationship between art and food. Restaurants often utilize art to create unique atmospheres that complement the artistic dishes prepared by their chefs. However, each year chefs with a passion for innovation and a love for the culinary arts push the basic concept of… Read more »