Back to Our Roots: Key Accounts – Steering PreGel AMERICA Toward New Waters

Seeking new markets and ventures, PreGel AMERICA’s Key Accounts division launched in 2008. The division was created based on the emerging and specific needs of the company’s high-level clients in key areas such as quick-service restaurants, cruise lines, high-yield bakeries, supermarkets and food manufacturers. Spearheaded by former East Coast Sales Manager Anna Pata, the department focuses on providing a specialized and personalized service to these segments, which is critical.

“Developing a Key Accounts division was something that we knew would result in a winning strategy for everyone involved,” said Pata. “The industries we serve are very unique, and require a focused and customized approach to business. Over the last few years, we have really learned a lot and provided many solutions to the specified needs of these clients.”

Now the Key Accounts Manager, Pata finds the challenge of growing and evolving the division both exciting and challenging. The division also consists of Sandy Courtney, Key Accounts Specialist – East Coast, and Chris Lozier, Key Accounts Specialist – West Coast. While the division seems small, it accounts for 40 percent of PreGel AMERICA’s total sales. Having this large share of the pie requires quite a lot of resources; the division is supported by many other departments within the company and also utilizes other branches around the world for international accounts.

The Key Accounts team’s focus on collaboration and customization in these targeted segments has contributed some new and exciting prospects to PreGel’s customer portfolio. Perhaps one of the most exciting opportunities is working with cruise lines. Pata says it has been an adventure with the cruise lines as their global presence has taken the team to ports around the world to get PreGel product to the liners.

“We really enjoy working with the cruise lines. They keep us on our toes, and just seeing the magnificence of what they offer is amazing,” said Pata. “All of our customers are exciting though – it is great to know we are helping to shape the food culture in the U.S. by working with these large-scale clients with their influence and reach.”

Another claim to fame for the department is its hand in the transformation of grocery stores across the U.S. Pata explains that many grocers are changing their model to create a better customer experience, which includes additions such as cafés with freshly made food. PreGel is the ingredient supplier for many of the bakeries and cafés in these grocers. Pata says they have a long way to go, but her division is working with some great grocery chains to test and evolve the concept – so far, so good.

In just three short years, PreGel AMERICA’s Key Accounts division has really accomplished a lot, but Pata says it’s the curiosity of the future that really excites them as they drive deep into the waters of these new markets.