PreGel Favorites: What We Are Loving Right Now

Winter White

No we unfortunately aren’t talking about fashion, but we are talking about our favorite refreshing Mint – White Traditional Paste and PreGel 5-Star Chef Pastr y SelectTM White Mint Compound. Nothing says winter to us more than the burst of peppermint paste that is great for layering in pans of Pino Pinguino® Nero, creating Stracciatella with or developing unique flavors such as mojito.


Chocolate Accents

It’s amazing how garnishes can transform a pastry or pan of gelato into something even more incredible for the eyes to behold. Recently added to our line of Pastry & Confection solutions are PreGel’s Chocolate Accents, which provide various chocolate décor in all different shapes and sizes. We love getting creative with these new items (and stealing a few to eat) to add that finishing touch.


Sweet Macarons Class

Our classes just took a turn for France. It’s about time the French and Italians lent each other a culinary olive branch! Macarons continue to invade the U.S. market with a vengeance showcasing just how much power one petit cookie has! Perfecting the cookie is a whole different game and the PreGel Professional Training Center under the guidance of French Pastry Chef Frederic Monti is ready to teach the basics of preparation for this sweet, little treat! Bon Appetít!


Assorted Cases

The bad news first, we still don’t break cases of products. The good news, we have two assorted cases of Toppings and PreGel 5-Star Chef Pastry SelectTM Compounds.What’s great about these is the ability to get a versatile select of flavorings or toppings to try and test before committing to a full case order. For chefs, it’s no doubt the perfect flavor tool kit. With these kits recently added, it begs the question: what other assorted kits would you like to see?