Where’s for Dinner?

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The International Design of American Cuisine We experience it time and again, as it occurs very frequently in almost all areas of life. It happens in fashion; cosmetics; beauty; semantics (speech); entertainment; religion; and, yes, cuisine—from what we eat to how we dine. The “what” that is being discussed here is international influence. For instance,… Read more »

eCommerce = realCommitment

eCommerce equals real commitment

Wait before you click ‘Order Now’ on the latest technology solutions Having a successful and profitable business is the number one goal entrepreneurs hope to achieve when first hanging that “Come in, we’re open!” sign in the window. Although, even after that goal seems to be already attained, businesses must continue to make necessary updates… Read more »

Got UHT? What’s the deal with shelf stable milk

What American doesn’t recognize the tagline “Got Milk?”, a popular  advertising campaign launched over 20 years ago in America that, according to research by Jeff Goodby in Adweek, “has become the most remembered tagline in beverage history.” He continues, “It is so ubiquitous, in fact, that people don’t think of it as a tagline anymore…. Read more »

Good Times, Good Buys

The Happy Hour Concept Turns the Tables on Time Limits The phrase “happy hour” has long been associated with the concept of businessmen and women stopping by the local bar or pub for a quick cocktail to wind down from their hectic day at the office. And, for a while, this was the only association… Read more »

5-Ways: Mousse

Five Uses for Mousses Mousse, an indulgent dessert delicacy on its own or incorporated into a variety of recipes, PreGel has three ingredients perfect for making any variation of mousse, albeit light and airy or rich and creamy. Products that are easy to use and versatile are key in the kitchen for efficiency and consistent… Read more »

Ancient Grains and Desserts

A Beneficial Union As recently as May of 2016, The Plate, a blog published by www.nationalgeographic.com, reported about a national survey which found that 84 percent of Americans throw away food based on the sell by date stamped on packages. Yet, ancient — a word partly defined as having the qualities of age or long… Read more »

Dynamic Concepts

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Upgrading The Norm To Make The Unusual The New Usual    Every year the National Restaurant Association surveys hundreds of professional chefs from the American Culinary Federation to collect data for its annual What’s Hot Culinary Forecast. This report predicts what the hottest trends in culinary art and menu options will be for the upcoming… Read more »

Making Healthier Dessert Options

Utilizing Lighter Ingredients for Appetizing Dessert Options By now, many people have thought about what they would like their New Year’s resolutions to be, a lot of which likely have to do with eating healthier and changing their habits. But making the full dietary transition can be difficult, seeing as eating healthy can be more… Read more »

Liquid Nitrogen

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The Vapor of Frozen Dessert Innovation When most people think of liquid nitrogen, they probably imagine a chemistry lab or a high school science classroom. However, these days, chefs and entrepreneurs around the world are imagining a new setting for liquid nitrogen—the kitchen. Liquid nitrogen is becoming increasingly popular among top chefs who are using… Read more »

Product Brands Take the Leap

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IN-STORE GROCERY BRANDS DEVELOP THEIR OWN CAFÉS AND RESTAURANTS You have probably noticed P.F. Changs’ frozen egg rolls or beef with broccoli in the frozen food aisles of your grocery stores. However, the Asian chain isn’t the only restaurant that has brought its specialties to your microwave. Names like T.G.I. Fridays®, California Pizza Kitchen, and… Read more »

The Explosion of Food Delivery

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Food delivery is the new trend in the American foodservice industry. You might be wondering how food delivery could be a new trend with so many of this kind of service, including pizza delivery, having been around for decades. Actually, the scope of food delivery service has broadened as the evolution of technology, and customization… Read more »

Specialty Bakeries: The Rise of Sweet and Successful Niche Concepts

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Niche markets are thriving in the world of sweets. Specialty bakeries are popping up and prospering thanks to their unique and creative concepts, and the evolving demand of the industry. Modern customers and dessert lovers are seeking interesting treats with personality and are also on the lookout for local and better-for-you options at the same… Read more »

Meet PreGel’s Creative Design Team: Masters of Visual Communication

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“Art is pattern informed by sensibility.” – Herbert Read, poet, and art critic This quote couldn’t better describe the work produced by PreGel’s Creative Design Team – a super talented group of visual artists whose unique conceptions spawn from sensibility. Utilizing their knowledge of PreGel products, the specific goals they set for each artistic initiative… Read more »

Marketing to Children

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The Makings of Brand Loyalty The experience of shopping with a child, who let’s face it, has all the power of purchase at their fingertips, is interesting at best. The scenario goes as follows: wondrous eyes navigate the bounty of tempting goodies surrounding them. Small, excited faces gleam with excitement in anticipation of filling their… Read more »

The Art of Playing With Food

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From the walls to the plates, restaurant owners have always recognized the relationship between art and food. Restaurants often utilize art to create unique atmospheres that complement the artistic dishes prepared by their chefs. However, each year chefs with a passion for innovation and a love for the culinary arts push the basic concept of… Read more »

Ever Thought About Going Wholesale? The Reasons Why It’s Worth It.

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All gelato businesses have a common dream: to be successful and make the world’s best gelato. Most independent businesses start with a small gelato shop pouring their passion and knowledge into it. Once they accomplish opening a brick and mortar store, then comes the decision on how to extend their businesses beyond the walls of… Read more »

QSRs Entering The Retail Market

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Have you noticed that products from your favorite restaurants, coffee shops and donut shops are invading supermarket shelves? More and more restaurants are realizing the profit potential of selling their products in retail stores and extending their brands further into the marketplace. A win-win for brands, it’s expected this shift will only continue to gain… Read more »

Customer Q&A: International Delight Café – A Jewel of the Isle

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Long Island, NY, is home to numerous major tourist attractions including the Montauk Point Lighthouse, Long Island Sound, the chic Hamptons, Nassau Coliseum, Jones Beach and some of the finest vineyards in the northeast. But located in the quaint Nassau County metropolis of Bellmore is a cozy eatery that houses one of the biggest selections… Read more »

Featured Article: Taste of Inspiration from the Kitchen: Turning Ideas into Novelties

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From seasons to trends and latest innovations, dining options are being revamped as fast as consumer tastes and demands are changing. Finding inspiration to launch successful flavors, products or recipes can be a real challenge for chefs and companies that have to deal with the rapid replacement of products on the market and the logistics… Read more »

Featured Article: Florals: Edible Flowers, Edible Tradition

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Flowers captivate with their vibrant colors and beautiful shapes. It is usually forgotten that besides appealing to the senses of smell and vision, they also have the potential to delight the palate. Flowers as a garnish or decorative element for baking and cooking have been around for centuries in different cultures around the world, and… Read more »

Feature Article: Playing Dress Up With your Desserts: It Really Is All In The Accessories A Global View of Garnishes

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Newsflash! Accessorizing is not only for fashionistas. Everything needs a little glitz and glamour, even in the form of dessert. After all, we do eat with our eyes. A wise person once said every dessert deserves a garnish. A garnish is widely known as anything that adds visual appeal to a plate in the form… Read more »

Feature Article: Gourmet Dining: Pairing World Cuisine with Desserts

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The entire world has gone gourmet. The “foodie” movement is growing and reaching new heights in all corners of the world. More and more people are embracing the idea of making food and experience – taking note of flavors, textures, aromas, and ingredients in everyday foods and beverages. Beer microbreweries have blossomed because consumers were… Read more »