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A look at the hottest products at PreGel right now

Swirling Up Endless Pancake Combinations

Our latest Super Sprint Pancakes & Maple Syrup has got our team in a frenzy of recipe creation as it opens the door for so many options. At the shows, we are swirling it with Blueberry Soft Serve to create Blueberry Pancakes; on the inside front cover of the magazine we added bacon, pecans and caramel for a Southern twist; and in Canada we played into the country’s signature flavor combination of maple and walnut. Breakfast all day, in a new way? Yes, please!

Rethinking Desserts & Beverages

iSi® Whippers and Foam Canisters are new to our ServICE® line and are our secret obsession for rethinking how desserts and beverages can be presented, especially without a cooking component. In fact, it takes me back to the toddler days when you wanted to stick things in sockets and throw things down the toilet just to see what would happen. Fast forward to the future and we are playing with iSi® and different mixes including PreGel Italian Hot Chocolate, PreGel 5-Start Chef Pastry SelectProntos and more to create light and fluffy mousses and drinks. I am not kidding when I say, I only want to drink my hot chocolate the iSi® way now!


Frozen pops are continuing to make waves worldwide from Mexican paletas to elaborate plated desserts. The Mexican paleta is a play on what we traditionally know in the U.S. as frozen fruit pops which are either filled with fruit juices and/or pieces of fruit. On the more gourmet side, frozen pops are being presented with elaborate layers and toppings. There’s no specific reason why frozen pops continue to excite but their beautiful display and ease-of-use are two definite factors that contribute to their success. Check out our new line of Pavoni® molds!