HR Corner: The Business Advantages of Philanthropy

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The last two months of every year fill people with goodwill as they get into the holiday spirit. The admirable energy also often attracts businesses. Philanthropic contributions and working within communities to improve them play a big part in many companies’ corporate culture. Altruistic donations are a win-win for businesses and charities alike, as the… Read more »

PreGel to Launch All-Time Favorite Flavors Pancakes and maple syrup, and popcorn taste even better frozen

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PreGel AMERICA is proving that pancakes and maple syrup, and popcorn taste even better as a frozen dessert. The company’s newest product additions launching late January are part of the company’s diverse selection of instant mixes called Super Sprints, which are used to create frozen desserts such as gelato, soft serve and ice cream. 305802… Read more »

PreGel America Partners With iSi® Pastry Equipment Manufacturers

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PreGel AMERICA is excited to announce its partnership with iSi®, the world’s largest manufacturer of high-quality cream and food whippers. Debuting on both PreGel’s main website and ecommerce site,, the company will distribute a selection of whippers and foam canisters for creating whipped creams, foams, mousses, espumas, whipped soups, micro-cakes and more. The new… Read more »

PreGel AMERICA Provides Race Opportunity for Employees Representatives of the company to run in annual Thunder Road Half Marathon

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PreGel AMERICA announced an employee initiative called “Start Together, Finish Together. ” The voluntary activity brings employees of the company together to train and run the Novant Health Thunder Road Half Marathon on November 15, 2014. “Wellness is one of the core values at PreGel AMERICA. A team-building experience such as Thunder Road allows our… Read more »

PreGel’s Cacao Essenziale™ Officially Launches – Dark and milk chocolate couverture is now available for purchase

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PreGel AMERICA is proud to announce the arrival of Cacao Essenziale™ fine chocolate couverture. Cacao Essenziale™ delivers the rich tastes of Tanzaka 72% (Fine Dark Chocolate Couverture) and Azima 44% (Fine Milk Chocolate Couverture) to the dessert industry. The addition of Cacao Essenziale™ adds diversity to PreGel’s product lines and appeals to a broader group… Read more »

Chocolate Accents By PreGel Latest U.S. Product Addition Ready-made chocolate decor creates new line for dessert ingredient company

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PreGel AMERICA is excited to announce the addition of Chocolate Accents by PreGel – the company’s first line of finished chocolate decor. The decorative Chocolate Accents line adds a new level of appeal to the company’s superior specialty dessert ingredient products. Available in milk, dark and white chocolate, and designed using only the finest cocoa… Read more »

Tree Talk: Employee Evaluations: The Ultimate One-on-One

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Unlike the annual end-of- year company get-together, the process of an employee evaluation is not one many managers or employees look forward to. According to the ar ticle “Why Employees Don’t Like Performance Appraisals” on, performance appraisals cause employees to fret over job security, status, eligibility for promotion and possible bias or unfair ratings…. Read more »

Tree Talk: Professional Training Center Charlotte Releases New Courses

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The PreGel Professional Training Center announced its 2014 Professional Training Center Charlotte schedule with new courses. PreGel continues to evolve and evaluate all of the curriculums it provides to ensure all attendees receive the top education on desserts in the industry. “PreGel closely monitors culinary trends each year so that we can offer our students… Read more »

Tree Talk: West Coast Professional Training Center Opens In Los Angeles

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PreGel AMERICA announced the grand opening of its West Coast Professional Training Center in Los Angeles. The PreGel Professional Training Center – Los Angeles will offer five classes per month, which range from The Fundamentals of Gelato and Sorbetto Production to Frozen Cakes and Pies. The facility accommodates a limited attendance of six people for… Read more »

Tree Talk: HR Corner: Absenteeism vs. Presenteeism: Managing Employees’ Sick Time

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What do December, January, February and July have in common? Aside from hosting major American holidays – Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day and Independence Day respectively – according to these popular winter and summer months are also when employees call in sick. As an employer or hiring manager, you’ve probably heard one or several… Read more »

Tree Talk: Cobranded Gelato Panini Press By Waring and PreGel Has Arrived

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PreGel AMERICA announced the arrival of its new Gelato Panini Press. The frozen dessert novelty machine is the successful result of an unprecedented collaboration between Waring Commercial and PreGel AMERICA to create a co-branded machine for creating Panini Gelato sandwiches. The Gelato Panini Press is a light-weight, easy-to-use machine that toasts and seals a sweet… Read more »

Tree Talk: PreGel Probiotic GanedenBC30 in Happy Yo Pro™

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PreGel AMERICA recently announced a new partnership with Ganeden Biotech to incorporate the probiotic GanedenBC30 into its line of superior dessert ingredients star ting with its new frozen yogurt mix Happy Yo ProTM Super Sprint (Yogurt with Probiotics). Carrying GanedenBC30 probiotic demonstrates PreGel’s ability to adopt leading edge technologies and continue to support its customers…


Tree Talk: Baltimore’s Chef Named Winner of the Chicago Restaurant Pastry Competition Season Two

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Pastry Chef Chris Ford of Wit & Wisdom in Baltimore, MD, took top prize at the Chicago Restaurant Pastry Competition. The fourth and final episode of Season Two can be viewed at Ford, pastry chef at Wit & Wisdom in Baltimore, MD, and one of the StarChef ’s “Rising Stars” in the DC area,… Read more »

Tree Talk: Industrial Flavors Mark PreGel’s 8th Product Line

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PreGel AMERICA announced the launch of Industrial Flavors to its versatile product lines. The line presents a variety of bulk flavors to professionals in the food business and adds an eighth line to the company’s many dessert ingredient solutions. The products featured are highly concentrated, powdered flavorings ideal for ice cream pints, private label franchise… Read more »

Tree Talk: Rise of the Topping Shell

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The consumer market is heating up with new value-adds for frozen treats. Smucker’s® recently launched its latest Magic Shell flavor Pink Lemonade to provide a new topping for ice cream. The B2B market, however, still has the stronghold on frozen treat inclusions including PreGel’s Coriandolina® Coatings that come in the flavors of Lemon, Strawberry, Coffee,… Read more »

Tree Talk: PreGel & Waring Collaborate to Develop Gelato Panini Press

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Partnership and machine creates new novelty item in dessert industry PreGel AMERICA announced its partnership with Waring Commercial to develop a new frozen dessert novelty machine called Gelato Panini Press. This is an unprecedented collaboration for both companies and the industry, as it is the first time an ingredient and equipment manufacturer have joined forces… Read more »

Tree Talk: Hot Off the Floor at this Year’s NRA

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Chicago produced no shortage of ideas and innovation at this year’s National Restaurant Association Show, which boasts the gathering of the best and brightest in the restaurant, foodservice and hospitality industry for four days. Buzzing in the world of desserts were organic, artisan and indulgent products that easily pleased the palates of many sweet seekers… Read more »

Tree Talk: HR Corner: Diversity in the Workplace

America has become known as a “salad bowl” of cultural diversity, since the majority of American citizens have ethnic roots that hail from countries outside of the U.S. Within multicultural America, many have observed and respected each other’s cultural practices, fashion and foods, but tasteless under tones of social negativity are still apparent in some… Read more »

Tree Talk: PreGel AMERICA Introduces a Brand New Way to Enjoy Brownie Batter

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PreGel AMERICA is excited to offer Brownie Batter Super Sprint, a powdered mix to create gelato or soft serve. Waffle bowls, cups and cones are the newest ways to enjoy fresh brownie batter with this new frozen dessert innovation. Brownie Batter Super Sprint is user-friendly for experienced and novice dessert makers. The simple recipe offers… Read more »

Tree Talk: Pastry Chef of the Year: PreGel’s Own Ben Shelton

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PreGel AMERICA is proud to announce Assistant Pastry Chef & Instructor Ben Shelton received first place honors at the 24th Annual U.S. Pastry Competition presented by Paris Gourmet, on Sunday, March 3, 2013. The event took place at the International restaurant and Foodservice Show of New York. Shelton achieved the esteemed title of Pastry Chef… Read more »

Tree Talk: New Products from PreGel America on Trend in the Industry

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PreGel AMERICA is excited to announce new Evolution Glazes for coating cakes, mousses, semifreddo or single-serve desserts, and Greek Yogurt Super Sprint for soft serve or traditional gelato. The new products are the latest from the Research & Development labs at PreGel and are on-trend with the industry’s demand for efficient, easily customizable and gourmet… Read more »

Tree Talk: HR Corner: Customer Service 101: Keeping your Cool with Not So Cool Customers

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Social media continues to play an ever-expanding role in the foodservice industry, and although you may think about all the great opportunities, you must also be aware of the dangers. Lately, companies’ poor customer service has been exposed through online videos, blogs and Web reviews, to name a few. However, the most notorious cases, such… Read more »

Tree Talk: The PreGel Channel Launches Fresh, New Online Tutorials!

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PreGel AMERICA is excited to announce the newest additions to its network of online tutorials at! The latest videos include step-by-step instructions featuring new alcoholic gelato recipes, how to properly clean an Ugolini MiniGel Frozen Dessert & Beverage machine and how to create a Chocolate Hazelnut Crumb Frozen Cupcake. The educational how-to-videos hosted on… Read more »

Tree Talk: PreGel Marketplace Site Launches For Customers

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PreGel AMERICA is excited to announce the launch of The new marketplace allows current and potential customers access to stock imagery and marketing materials to take their business’s marketing materials to new heights. Customers will have hundreds of images at their disposal for use as well as downloadable marketing materials such as posters and… Read more »

Tree Talk: PreGel’s Presence and Products A Hit In The Windy City

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The PreGel AMERICA booth proved to be a show-stopper at the 93rd National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show (NRA) held May 5-8 at Chicago’s McCormick Place. The event featured over 1,900 exhibiting companies while attracting more than 61,000 registrants representing all 50 states and over 100 countries worldwide. PreGel’s on-site staff included representatives from across… Read more »

Tree Talk: PreGel AMERICA To Expand North Carolina Facility, Create More Jobs

PreGel AMERICA expands

PreGel AMERICA announced plans to expand its Concord, NC, facility, creating 48 new positions over the next three years. The expansion covers further structural development within its existing facility and the construction of additional warehouse, production and office space that will account for an estimated 125,000 square feet. The expansion is a direct response to… Read more »

Tree Talk: PreGel AMERICA Key Accounts Division Launches Website

Key Accounts Site

Site Targets Key Businesses in Food & Beverage Industry PreGel Key Accounts, a division of PreGel AMERICA, formally announced the launch of a new website, A sister site to, the website targets key strategic businesses within the Food & Beverage industry including quick-service and fast-casual restaurants, supermarkets, cruise lines, high-yield bakeries and food… Read more »

Tree Talk: Many New Faces Join PreGel AMERICA’s Team

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Continued Growth Fuels New Hires in 3rd & 4th Quarters Nine new hires joined PreGel AMERICA’s staff during the third and fourth quarters of 2011. Two of the nine hires replaced former employees in the facilities maintenance and special service team departments, while the remaining seven are newly created positions within the company. The addition… Read more »

Tree Talk: PreGel AMERICA Raises Over $7K in Fight Against Breast Cancer

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PreGel AMERICA is excited to announce the donation of over $7,000 to help fight the battle against breast cancer. “In It to Win It,” the dessert ingredient company focused its energies on a several campaigns in September and October to raise awareness and donate funds to local charity Carolina Breast Friends (CBF) and national charity… Read more »