Pineapples: The Excellent Fruit

Pineapples the excellent fruit

Sweet summertime is almost here! Friends and family will soon be making outings in search of a refreshing frozen treat. Whether gelato, ice cream, soft serve frozen desserts, sorbetto, Italian ice, frozen pops, or whatever your specialty, it’s important to remember that fruit flavors are always a hot request during the year’s hottest season, and… Read more »

What We are Loving: A look at the hottest products at PreGel

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Five Star Chef Pannacrema Pastry Compounds It’s May, so you know what that means…the beginning of the graduation/wedding season. And, of course, Mother’s and Father’s Day. In light of all these celebrations, it’s time to bake! So there’s no question why PreGel is loving new Five Star Chef Pannacrema Pastry Compounds. These top-quality, low-dosage, and… Read more »

What We are Loving at PreGel

Crunchy Coatings Baby it’s cool outside…and only weeks away from getting cold. It’s time to dress your display case in extra layers of flavor, color, and crunch! We’re loving PreGel’s new line of Crunchy Coatings. They taste phenomenal, provide crunchy inclusions of nuts, wafers, cookies, or rice puffs, and evenly coat gelato dome cakes, terrines,… Read more »

What We are Loving

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A look at the hottest product at PreGel right now Make Way For More Sweetness When buttery, caramelized pecans gently blend with the captivating taste of sweet vanilla spice and a subtle hint of brown sugar, taste buds cry with appreciation. Butter pecan, the 3rd best-selling flavor of ice cream in America, has proven that… Read more »

What We Are Loving

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Our Latest Tasty Obsession Have you been searching for the next great flavor your customers are sure to love? Well, look no further! PreGel’s Crema Whiskey Traditional Paste is sure to please! With the unique flavor profile of this creamy, gluten-free paste, the dessert possibilities are endless. Whether served as a pan of gelato in… Read more »

What We Are Loving

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A look at the hottest products at PreGel right now Find Warmth on the Chilly Side PreGel’s new Toasted Marshmallow Super Sprint has our mouths watering for all the nostalgic recipes that can be replicated with this classic flavor. From a Toasted Marshmallow Sweet Potato Casserole, to S’mores Gelato and Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Affogato, there… Read more »