Recipes: Coconut Basil Gelato

Coconut Basil Gelato

Directions: In a large mixing container, place the milk, cream, PreGel Coconut Traditional Paste and fresh basil. Mix together the PreGel Diamant 50 (Milk Base) and sugar to remove any lumps. With an immersion blender, mix the liquid ingredients while slowly adding the dry ingredients. Blend well for 2-3 minutes, until the basil is in… Read more »

Recipes: Banana Thyme Sorbetto

Banana Thyme Sorbetto

Directions: In a large mixing container, place the banana puree, lemon juice, thyme and water. Mix together all of the dry ingredients, PreGel Fruttosa® (Water & Milk Base) and sugar, to remove any lumps. With an immersion blender, mix the liquid ingredients while slowly adding the dry ingredients. Blend well for 2-3 minutes. Pour into… Read more »

Top Ten: Culinary Herbs and Recipes

Top Herbs

1. Basil Popular in both Mediterranean and Asian cuisine, basil has many varieties and is prized for its spicy, clove-like flavor. Recipe suggestion: Coconut Basil Gelato 2. Lavender A very fragrant, slightly sweet herb used in perfumes and teas as well as for cooking and baking. Recipe suggestion: Lavender Spritz Cookies 3. Thyme Often used… Read more »

What’s Blooming: Lavender: It’s More Than Just a Pretty Color


To many people, lavender represents the delicate color of light purple, and its scent can evoke thoughts of a warm summer evening breeze and colorful fields of wildflowers. Whatever the thought may be, the sweet-scented flowering plant of the mint family has much more to offer than warm thoughts and pretty visuals. The Lavandula plant… Read more »

What’s Blooming: Herbal Infusions: Interesting and Innovative Flavor Development

Herbal Infusions

Heating up the culinary charts as a major trend the last few years is herb infusion. Known to enhance savory dishes and add appeal to desserts, unique and exotic flavor creations are being found in restaurants and cafés across the United States by simply adding a little herb. Best defined as “extracting flavor from a… Read more »

Finding the Perfect Herb: The Chef’s Garden Is Simplifying the Journey for Pastry Chefs

Perfect Herbs

In between the haute restaurant cultures of New York City and Chicago lies a business in the small town of Huron, Ohio, that is cultivating its own chic food culture through artisanal produce and herbs. From micro greens and herbs to specialty edible flowers, The Chef’s Garden, a sustainable family farm, is luring in top… Read more »

Feature Customer Q&A: Who Says You Can’t Have What You Want?

Frozen Yogurt Shop

Discover the Secrets of Dessert Fare Served Across the U.S. from Three Unique Dessert Providers Americans have a weakness for a wide variety of sweet treats. In our search for heavenly palate-pleasers, top-quality service, impeccable taste and overall satisfaction, we’ve come across a few providers who make the dessert experience even more worthwhile. The overall… Read more »

Berry Healthy: Understanding Kosher

What Is Kosher? The word “kosher” is derived from Hebrew and translates to English as meaning “proper” and “pure.” In a general sense, kosher may refer to any person, thing, food or situation that may be deemed acceptable according to certain standards. While originally used in Judaism to describe ritual texts or practices, nowadays kosher… Read more »

Take a Summer Flavorcation


Experience an Excursion of Tasty Treats from Across the Country California/West Coast Often setting trends that take the rest of the country by storm, the West Coast is known for its beautiful geography and beautiful people. Healthy items are at the top of the list for celebrities and locals alike in Los Angeles, CA, where… Read more »

Tree Talk: Views from the Tree Receives 2010 Hermes Creative Platinum Award

Hermes Award

Views from the Tree received a coveted 2010 Hermes Creative Platinum Award in the Magazine/Publication category. The top honors were awarded to the Summer/Fall 2009 issue. Views from the Tree’s editorial and creative direction is primarily produced by PreGel AMERICA with design outsourced to WhiteSpace Creative. The magazine is printed at United Printing in Charlotte,… Read more »

Tree Talk: Fig Arabeschi® & Salted Caramel Super Sprint 2010 sofi™ Silver Finalists

Sofi Awards

PreGel AMERICA’s Fig Arabeschi® and Salted Caramel Super Sprint have been selected as Silver Finalists in the Condiment and New Product categories for the 2010 sofi™ Awards Competition, held by the National Association of Specialty Food Trade (NASFT). With over 1,500 entries across 31 categories, being recognized as a Silver Finalist for the Specialty Outstanding… Read more »

HR Corner: Interpersonal Communication–A Must in Business


Face-to-face interpersonal communication is becoming less and less frequent in the workplace. Communication these days is quickly evolving into less conversation and more electronic sharing of information. With such mainstream communication technologies such as e-mailing, texting and instant messaging, employers are able to contact their employees without ever having to actually talk to them in… Read more »

Tree Talk: Announces Its First Annual International Pastry Competition Presented by PreGel

Star Chefs

Leading international and U.S. pastry chefs will gather September 20–22, 2010, in New York City to compete at the first annual International Pastry Competition presented by PreGel to be held in conjunction with the fifth annual International Chefs Congress. Over three days, 20 of the industry’s top pastry talent will go through two… Read more »