The Complete Package: The Women Leading PreGel

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We all know a woman like “her” – intelligent, witty, stylish, talented and well-respected. This type of Renaissance woman is also commonly referred to as “the complete package,” and the women on PreGel AMERICA’s executive team are breathing examples of “her.” PreGel’s army of nine strong-willed females effortlessly exude femininity while firmly showcasing a woman’s… Read more »

Back to Our Roots: InTuit

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As I blissfully punch each letter of this article, my mind is at ease knowing that my Macbook won’t freeze, once again dodging the “spinning wheel of death.” Behind every functioning computer, phone and tablet at PreGel AMERICA are two men whose true passion for problem solving keeps this company connected 24/7. John Baran and Anthony… Read more »

Back To Our Roots: Seven Tastes of Italy’s Culinary Triumphs Throughout the Americas

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Across North and South America are seven pockets of Italy’s rich culinary history. They are PreGel’s Professional Training Centers, and they share a compelling story of Italy and Europe’s most revered ingredients and desser ts. Each one is unique to its location yet all carry the same motto – “blending your passion with our education.”… Read more »

Back to Our Roots: Leading the Way in South America

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PreGel continues to expand its presence around the world, and the latest is in Latin America with facilities, training programs and a network of distributors. The company recently opened a warehouse in Colonia, Uruguay, and is planning on launching one of its Professional Training Centers as it reaffirms its commitment with education and betterment of… Read more »

Back to our Roots: PreGel’s Triumphant Return to the World’s Greatest Gelato Show

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Every January, the seaside town of Rimini, Italy comes to life in the dead of winter when thousands make the homage to one of the dessert world’s largest events, Sigep. To most in the U.S. it sounds like another trade show complete with vendors exhibiting, attendees milling about and extremely overpriced lunch stands. In some… Read more »

Back to our Roots: The Man Trapped in the Tangled Web of Logistics

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Imports and exports to and from countries, distributors and businesses are an extremely important operation for global companies, and PreGel is no exception. Though the company has been doing it for over 45 years, the daily changes in legislation, paperwork, country requirements, taxes and every other detail can be and usually are extremely tedious. Shuffling… Read more »

Back To Our Roots: Talent, Team and Training

Training Center Team

Three Ts that have created the success of PreGel’s Professional Training Center PreGel AMERICA’s Professional Training Center (TC) has been instructing dessert-preneurs and professionals since 2005. It is certified by the American Culinary Federation and recently brought in some of the world’s best pastry chefs as instructors. Accomplishing that much in its six young years… Read more »

Back to Our Roots: It All Starts with the Voice at the Other End of the Line

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“Thank you for calling PreGel AMERICA.” This is the voice you hear everytime you call, the voice that places your order, the voice that helps you pronounce “Arabeschi®,” the voice that listens and offers advice on the newest recipe you tried, and the voice that helps you get through the latest crisis – this is… Read more »

Back to Our Roots: Key Accounts – Steering PreGel AMERICA Toward New Waters

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Seeking new markets and ventures, PreGel AMERICA’s Key Accounts division launched in 2008. The division was created based on the emerging and specific needs of the company’s high-level clients in key areas such as quick-service restaurants, cruise lines, high-yield bakeries, supermarkets and food manufacturers. Spearheaded by former East Coast Sales Manager Anna Pata, the department… Read more »

Back to Our Roots: Marketing PreGel Around the World – An Interview with Manuel Sirgiovanni and Jillian Hillard

Manuel Sirgiovanni

Manuel Sirgiovanni (MS) What’s your position/title at PreGel and how long have you been with the company? MS: PreGel Marketing Manager for both the Italian and international markets since 2008. Briefly describe your position and what you handle in your position, and/or describe a typical day for you? MS: I plan and define in accordance… Read more »

Back to Our Roots: The Man Who Holds the Key to All of PreGel’s Products

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A Q&A with Giancarlo Dellago, Production Manager of PreGel Q. What is your position at PreGel and how long have you been employed by the company? A. I am the production manager at PreGel Headquarters in Reggio Emilia, Italy, and therefore oversee all of the production processes for every PreGel product. I have been employed… Read more »

Back to Our Roots: Proving the Family-Run Business Can Thrive Anywhere, PreGel Is a Global Success

Dario Rabboni

A Q&A with Dario Rabboni, board director, PreGel Q. What is your role at PreGel? A. As the board director, I am involved in the general marketing for PreGel Headquarters and its subsidiaries located around the world. Specifically, I develop and create concepts for strategic projects by adding value to the company with the introduction… Read more »