Top Ten: Magazines Specialty Dessert Professionals Should Be Reading

Dessert magazines

1. Dessert Professional – Launched in 2008, Dessert Professional combines three previously existing industry magazines, Pastry Art & Design, Frozen Desserts and Chocolatier, into one. While the focus is still divided by the major categories of pastry, frozen desserts and chocolates, it covers a wide range of topics and caters to a much larger audience… Read more »

Back to Our Roots: The Man Who Holds the Key to All of PreGel’s Products

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A Q&A with Giancarlo Dellago, Production Manager of PreGel Q. What is your position at PreGel and how long have you been employed by the company? A. I am the production manager at PreGel Headquarters in Reggio Emilia, Italy, and therefore oversee all of the production processes for every PreGel product. I have been employed… Read more »

Back to Our Roots: Proving the Family-Run Business Can Thrive Anywhere, PreGel Is a Global Success

Dario Rabboni

A Q&A with Dario Rabboni, board director, PreGel Q. What is your role at PreGel? A. As the board director, I am involved in the general marketing for PreGel Headquarters and its subsidiaries located around the world. Specifically, I develop and create concepts for strategic projects by adding value to the company with the introduction… Read more »

Turning Your Passion into a Reality


PART 2 – Location. Location. Location. A six-part series on the necessities of starting a business. Ever notice where there’s a McDonald’s, there’s at least one of its competitors – Burger King, Wendy’s, Chick-fil-A or Sonic? That’s not a coincidence, but rather a major component in establishing a business location. From research to assessment to… Read more »

Top Ten: Don’t Let the Slow Season Get You Down – 10 Ideas to Keep Profits & Customers Coming

Top Ten Slow Season

1. Create a Desirable Atmosphere Seasons, holidays and even the time of day can evoke a different emotion and feeling for consumers, which can affect their buying habits. Decorate your store to match a season or holiday, and add elements such as music, featured products and lighting to complement those emotions and feelings. Adapting your… Read more »

Behind Every Spoonful Is A Story

Luciano Rabboni

A glimpse into the origins of some of PreGel’s greatest successes. Potato chips were invented out of an “act of spite.” In 1853, Chef George Crum responded to a customer’s complaints about his potatoes by frying them to a crisp and heavily salting them. To the chef’s dismay, the customer liked them and they soon… Read more »

Berry Healthy: What is BENEO™?


Products enriched with BENEO™ are popping up everywhere, but what is BENEO™? In the most specific terms, BENEO™ is a prebiotic, scientifically known as insulin and oligofructose (which are both sugars), that is found in various vegetables. The simplest consumer definition is that it is a vegetable product that aides in digestive health. BENEO™ can… Read more »