Back to Our Roots: Modern-Day Heroes
Hiding in the Racks of PreGel’s Warehouse

They emulate the strong colors of blue and red with their carefully coordinated outfits that begin with blue pants and end with a pristine blue and red top. They are always moving and flexing their muscles as they haul heavy objects coming and going on a daily basis. They maneuver with their specialty vehicles in and out of tight spaces and around obstacles. They use laser-like powers to pick and deliver what businesses need and communities crave. Though close, they aren’t superhero prodigies, they are PreGel AMERICA’s Distribution Team.

Headed by the very charismatic Melvin Wallace, distribution manager of PreGel AMERICA since 2008, the Distribution Team may be considered the modern-day superheroes to PreGel AMERICA’s customers. The team is the critical piece in the logistics puzzle that ships products from the warehouse into the hands of eager businesses amongst a plethora of other duties. Ensuring that the process is as smooth and seamless as possible, the department is always working on ways to improve their service – this includes comparing and contrasting shipping vendors, reviewing internal and external procedures on a regular basis, inventorying and monitoring the arrival and departure of products, and continued training in all facets of the job. Checks and balances are extremely critical for this team as they must match multiple systems at any given time to ensure product availability, shortages and expirations.

“There is never a dull day in Distribution. We are always on the go and juggling many different tasks. What differentiates us and our company is that everything we do is always with the goal of efficiency, accuracy and satisfaction. We pride ourselves on always keeping these key things at the forefront of our operations,” explains Wallace.

Safety is also a big part of the practices of the team in order to minimize the possibilities of any accidents or mishaps. Each member of the team is required to go through extensive training on the vehicles and systems utilized in the warehouse. The team also has strict guidelines for those who enter the warehouse to ensure that others are always prepared and aware of their surroundings.

While mapping shipments across the U.S. is a major focus of the team, there are many other responsibilities the team undertakes.  Distribution supports the Production Department, assisting in moving product being tested and quarantined, relabeling products, and coordinating the placement of product from production line to warehouse for sale. They also lend their support to Marketing, helping with trade show packing, storage and shipping, in addition to coordinating global shipments for top accounts. Don’t forget the shipping and receiving of all packages and shipments to the facility from outside vendors and placing the goods safely in the hands of various departments throughout the day.

For a team that is always coming and going, and always busy working on one of the many tasks bestowed on them, perhaps the most unique thing about the department is that the group is perhaps one of the friendliest sections of the company.

“I work with the Distribution Team quite a bit getting special shipments out to members of our sales personnel as well as customers, and no matter who I work with, they are always smiling, happy and immensely friendly,” said Lisa Weyhrich, marketing specialist, PreGel AMERICA. “The team really radiates something that is special and infectious, which makes it very easy to work with them.”

This infectiousness could be attributed to the leadership in the department, as Wallace never passes a person without a sincere hello and sweet, Southern-sounding “how ya doing.” His charismatic nature however doesn’t lessen the staunch approach he has to running the daily operation of distribution. He truly takes a no-nonsense approach that focuses on one thing, and that’s delivering results.

“We are only as good as the people that work for us. We have had the opportunity to build a team of hardworking individuals that really care about our internal and external customers,” Wallace states.  “We all are proud to be part of an organization that respects their employees and shows it by allowing us the freedom to excel. It’s our goal and desire to be the best in the business.”