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Food Sustainability On The High Seas If you were in the middle of nowhere hundreds of miles from land, what’s the one thing you would want to eat? Although this popular query is not an unfamiliar conversation piece, it’s a question that the fine kitchens of luxury cruise lines never want their visitors to ask…. Read more »


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Gourmet Dining Is Set To Surge As Consumers Demand More High-End Experiences Hospitals, hotels and Universities around the world have been diversifying at a fast pace to respond to a more and more cosmopolitan audience. The cuisine and food services in on-campus restaurants and dining halls, hotel lounges and hospital cafeterias are reaching new heights… Read more »

Chef Migoya Amazes in PreGel 5-Star Pastry Series® Debut

In his first PreGel 5-Star Pastry Series® Seminar at PreGel AMERICA, Chef Francisco Migoya, Head Chef at Modernist Cuisine wowed attendees with unique avor combinations and stunning plated desserts resulting in a plethora of new and innovative techniques for the modern pastry chef. Step by step, Chef Migoya explained and demonstrated the techniques needed to… Read more »

Chef Hawecker Dazzles in 5th PreGel 5-Star Pastry Series® Seminar

In his fifth PreGel 5-Star Pastry Series® Seminar at PreGel AMERICA, Chef Frederic Hawecker, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Chocolatier, impressed attendees with new glazing techniques, colorful and masterful chocolate décor, and creative flavor combinations resulting in a stunning buffet made up of many petit gateaux and entremets to satisfy the inner artist. Chef Hawecker demonstrated… Read more »

Making Healthier Dessert Options

Utilizing Lighter Ingredients for Appetizing Dessert Options By now, many people have thought about what they would like their New Year’s resolutions to be, a lot of which likely have to do with eating healthier and changing their habits. But making the full dietary transition can be difficult, seeing as eating healthy can be more… Read more »

PreGel’s 5-Star Pastry Series® is Sweet and Dazzling

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In his sixth consecutive year, Chef Laurent Branlard showcased inspiring sugar showpiece techniques in his 5-Star Pastry Series® seminar at PreGel’s International Training Center – Charlotte, on September 14-16, 2015. Chef Branlard started the seminar with an in-depth look at various components used in creating sugar showpieces. He explained the importance of structure and how… Read more »

Product Brands Take the Leap

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IN-STORE GROCERY BRANDS DEVELOP THEIR OWN CAFÉS AND RESTAURANTS You have probably noticed P.F. Changs’ frozen egg rolls or beef with broccoli in the frozen food aisles of your grocery stores. However, the Asian chain isn’t the only restaurant that has brought its specialties to your microwave. Names like T.G.I. Fridays®, California Pizza Kitchen, and… Read more »

Top 10: Evolution of Childhood Desserts

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There are certain smells, flavors, and most importantly desserts (for those with a sweet tooth) that take us back to childhood memories of indulgence, messiness, and overall happiness. For some of us, it could be the simple aroma of our grandmother’s signature chocolate cake recipe, or the s’mores we’ve enjoyed with friends and loved ones… Read more »

SUBLIME DOUGHNUTS: Full-Bodied Pastries, Despite the Hole

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Behind the polished glass of a doughnut shop’s pastry display case lies a stunning collection of pure culinary allurement. Fresh pastries of varying shapes and sizes are dressed up with colorful and sweet glazes, toppings and garnishes canvassing the surface of every impeccably prepared treat. The sight of this edible eye-candy is enough to overcome… Read more »

PreGel America Causes A Splash With New Fruit Lounge® Syrups

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PreGel America is pleased to announce the addition of Fruit Lounge® Syrups to its innovative line of Specialty Beverage Solutions. The gluten-free line of concentrated fruit syrups is available in nine flavors, ranging from coconut to passion fruit. The company’s latest ingredient solutions represent varying facets of taste and creativity in the beverage world, providing… Read more »

Staying On Trend

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The Great Wolf Lodge Shares the Best Avenue for Success Being at the forefront of new up-and-coming trends is an important part of the Hospitality and Food Industries. Whether you are a hotel owner or the head chef at a restaurant, you need to stay aware of what is happening in the industry, know what… Read more »

Chef Frederic Monti Shares Talents in Toronto, Canada

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Bringing both his impressive pastry skills and engaging personality to Toronto, Chef Frédéric Monti, corporate pastry chef for PreGel America and Cacao Barry Ambassador, showcased innovative techniques and classic flavor combinations to a full class. The February 18, 2015 PreGel 5-Star Pastry Ambassador demonstration was organized in partnership with Cacao Barry, bringing local Toronto pastry… Read more »

Marketing to Children

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The Makings of Brand Loyalty The experience of shopping with a child, who let’s face it, has all the power of purchase at their fingertips, is interesting at best. The scenario goes as follows: wondrous eyes navigate the bounty of tempting goodies surrounding them. Small, excited faces gleam with excitement in anticipation of filling their… Read more »

Cheese: A Dessert Must or No-No?

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In the culinary world, wine and cheese share a special connection to the palate and the plate. This connection can be attributed to their harmonious varieties from complementary regions or simply the feng shui between taste and texture. But the lines are blurring as cheeses are now appearing in desserts. Choosing cheeses and wines can… Read more »

We All Go Nuts for Peanuts – What’s all the hype about America’s favorite nut?

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Convenient, inexpensive, good for you and delicious: they have it all! Peanuts are the most popular and consumed nuts in the United States and can be found nearly everywhere. Perfect for a quick snack to cut a craving before grocery shopping or to boost your energy before a workout, a large selection of peanuts can… Read more »

The Importance of a Good Foundation

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A good base is essential in the production of artisanal gelato. With it comes many advantages, such as an extended shelf-life, a consistent level of quality and a well-balanced mix that guarantees the total hygiene of the product. A base also accentuates any added flavoring and simplifies production in an efficient and systematic way. Most… Read more »

Basics 101: Cocoa Powder

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When it comes to cocoa, the Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham, summed it up right saying, “Cocoa, the food of the gods and the electuary of lovers, has captivated humanity with its exotic flavor and sensuous mouth feel. The world would be a poorer place if not for heavenly cocoa!” Chocolate has and continues to mesmerize… Read more »

PreGel 5-Star Pastry Series®: Patisserie of Chef Ramon Morato

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Pastry Chef Ramon Morato of Aula Chocovic returned to PreGel AMERICA’s Professional Training Center on July 28-30, 2014 for his second PreGel 5-Star Pastry Series® seminar. Over 20 industry professionals attended the three-day seminar, including notable chefs such as Eric Kalaboke, executive pastry chef at St. Regis New York, Keegan Gerhard, owner of D Bar… Read more »

Convenience Goes Gourmet C-Stores at the Crossroads of Gourmet and Convenient

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The name speaks for itself: convenience stores are all about quick and easy accessibility. Frequented by time-pressured consumers looking to multitask, they are the best destination to park, pump and pick something up to eat at the same time. As a preferred stop for on-the-go refreshments and meals, the trend of gourmet food being sold… Read more »

Back to Our Roots: InTuit

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As I blissfully punch each letter of this article, my mind is at ease knowing that my Macbook won’t freeze, once again dodging the “spinning wheel of death.” Behind every functioning computer, phone and tablet at PreGel AMERICA are two men whose true passion for problem solving keeps this company connected 24/7. John Baran and Anthony… Read more »

Berry Healthy: Understanding the Standards and Variations of Timeless Pastry Items

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Pastries are sophisticated and elegant desserts that demand high expectations from customers. They aren’t the easiest to craft and understand, often taking years of culinary schooling to perfect. Pastries often have unpronounceable names because of their provenance, but these delicacies are big players in the food industry and thus deserve a basic understanding.With similar names… Read more »

Berry Healthy: Briefs

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Let It Rest Letting a frozen dessert mixture rest after you’ve combined the ingredients (i.e. base, flavors, liquid, etc.) will help achieve optimal flavor. The ideal timeframe is 24 hours if possible. After you’ve let it rest, blend it for a few minutes to ensure nothing separated and then feed into the frozen dessert machine… Read more »

Tree Talk: PreGel Probiotic GanedenBC30 in Happy Yo Pro™

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PreGel AMERICA recently announced a new partnership with Ganeden Biotech to incorporate the probiotic GanedenBC30 into its line of superior dessert ingredients star ting with its new frozen yogurt mix Happy Yo ProTM Super Sprint (Yogurt with Probiotics). Carrying GanedenBC30 probiotic demonstrates PreGel’s ability to adopt leading edge technologies and continue to support its customers…


Top Ten: Tastes of Warm, Winter Nostalgia

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The spicy scent of gingerbread baking in the oven, the warmth of a hot chocolate mug against frozen fingers and the buttery taste of grandmother’s holiday cookies all evoke an emotion just by seeing the word such as gingerbread on a menu. According to Marcia Pelchat, a scientist at the Morrell Chemical Senses Center, consumers… Read more »

Featured Article: Florals: Edible Flowers, Edible Tradition

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Flowers captivate with their vibrant colors and beautiful shapes. It is usually forgotten that besides appealing to the senses of smell and vision, they also have the potential to delight the palate. Flowers as a garnish or decorative element for baking and cooking have been around for centuries in different cultures around the world, and… Read more »

Chef’s Nest: Recap: The Art and Technology of Sugar Showpieces with Chef Johann Martin

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On May 6-8, 2013, Chef Johann Martin conducted his debut PreGel 5-Star Pastry Series™ seminar at PreGel AMERICA’S Professional Training Center in Concord, NC. Chef Martin, who is an instructor at Ecole Gastronomique Bellouet Conseil in Paris, France, inspired attendees with breathtaking sugar showpieces during his seminar The Art and Technology of Sugar Showpieces. Attendees… Read more »