Chef Hawecker Dazzles in 5th PreGel 5-Star Pastry Series® Seminar

In his fifth PreGel 5-Star Pastry Series® Seminar at PreGel AMERICA, Chef Frederic Hawecker, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Chocolatier, impressed attendees with new glazing techniques, colorful and masterful chocolate décor, and creative flavor combinations resulting in a stunning buffet made up of many petit gateaux and entremets to satisfy the inner artist.

Chef Hawecker demonstrated a wide variety of classic and modern techniques that ranged from cakes and mousses to marmalades and caramel. Class participants worked side-by-

side with Chef Hawecker over three days to make all of the components for each dessert and helped in assembling the grand buffet before tasting everything together. Ingredients that were used in the class ranged from cassis and red fruit tea to trendy chestnut, and were tasted in all of their deliciousness by each student to see how their hard work paid off.

Specific techniques such as pâte à choux, mousses, glazes, chocolate décor, and marshmallows were all part of this wonderful class and gave students many opportunities

to learn from a master of his craft. Chef Hawecker explained in detail how to make the perfect éclair, master the macaron and whip the perfect mousse. Various fillings and garnishes were demonstrated and enjoyed by all in attendance.

Chef attendees represented a mixture of bakeries, patisseries, colleges, hotels and came from all across the US. The attendees completed the class with a tempting display of decadent treats, showing off the delicious petit gâteaux and entremets.