Chef Frederic Monti Shares Talents in Toronto, Canada

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Bringing both his impressive pastry skills and engaging personality to Toronto, Chef Frédéric Monti, corporate pastry chef for PreGel America and Cacao Barry Ambassador, showcased innovative techniques and classic flavor combinations to a full class. The February 18, 2015 PreGel 5-Star Pastry Ambassador demonstration was organized in partnership with Cacao Barry, bringing local Toronto pastry chefs and business owners to a three-hour demonstration. Attendees gained insight on PreGel’s 5-Star Chef Pastry Selectline, Traditional Pastes, Montericco Natural Fruit Purées and Cacao Barry’s Purity by Nature line, and gained valuable techniques and delicious recipes.

Chef Monti began the demo by preparing all the components to layer and create an upscale verrine called Chocolate Peanut Emotion. The traditional flavor combination, based on the American sandwich favorite peanut butter and jelly, was chosen to present the modern trend of recreating childhood favorites into desserts. The style of a verrine was selected based on the opportunity to combine various textures and layers, and to create fun and flavorful combinations. The audience was impressed by both the techniques used and the appealing finished product.

In addition to the Chocolate Peanut Emotion Verrine, Chef Monti demonstrated the preparation of a Key Lime Bonbon with a Key lime pâte de fruit insert. At the conclusion of the event, Chef Monti was praised for his efforts and answered specific questions from the audience. For those who could not attend, the demonstration was streamed live and will be posted on PreGel’s Youtube Channel and/or the Hope to see you at the next event!