Tree Talk: PreGel Probiotic GanedenBC30 in Happy Yo Pro™

PreGel AMERICA recently announced a new partnership with Ganeden Biotech to incorporate the
probiotic GanedenBC30 into its line of superior dessert ingredients star ting with its new frozen yogurt mix Happy Yo ProTM Super Sprint (Yogurt with Probiotics). Carrying GanedenBC30 probiotic demonstrates PreGel’s ability to adopt leading edge technologies and continue to support its customers by offering all the necessary solutions for a successful dessert concept.

Unlike other probiotic strains, GanedenBC30 (Bacillus coagulans GBI‐30, 6086) can survive the toughest manufacturing processes, supply chain conditions, as well as stomach acids, making the probiotic both highly effective and efficient. Adding the probiotic to its offerings strengthens the ability for PreGel to develop, manufacture and provide products with increased digestive and immune health benefits to the dessert industry.

“We are an ingredient company that considers ‘ingredient solutions’ that go far and above what we manufacture ourselves,” said Marco Casol, CEO and president, PreGel AMERICA. “Adding this superior probiotic to our lines is yet another way for us to provide complete solutions to our clientele.”

Happy Yo ProTM is an instant powdered product that allows for the quick preparation of gelato, ice cream or frozen yogurt and delivers a tart yogurt flavor. The kosher and gluten-free product is distributed in a twelve bag cases. The product is prepared by combining Step 1 and Step 2 bags together with one gallon of water to create a standard batch of gelato or frozen yogurt.

The composition of GanedenBC30 differentiates itself from other
probiotic ingredients, such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, due to its naturally occurring layer of organic material that protects the genetic core of the bacteria. Other probiotic strains are unable to form this protective layer, making them vulnerable to failure in a variety of production processes. The uniqueness of GanedenBC30 allows it to be incorporated into a variety of foods ranging from frozen yogurt and baked goods to confections.

PreGel believes its existing and future customers will greatly benefit from this addition to their lines, as the probiotic is both shelfstable and more cost-effective than using fresh yogurt and/or other probiotics on the market. PreGel’s newly formulated Happy Yo ProTM is available for direct sale. This is an exciting endeavor for the company, which shares that this is another step to continue to establish itself as a global leader in the specialty desserts arena and assist in the success of their customers.