PreGel 5-Star Pastry Series®: Patisserie of Chef Ramon Morato

Pastry Chef Ramon Morato of Aula Chocovic returned to PreGel AMERICA’s Professional Training Center on July 28-30, 2014 for his second PreGel 5-Star Pastry Series® seminar. Over 20 industry professionals attended the three-day seminar, including notable chefs such as Eric Kalaboke, executive pastry chef at St. Regis New York, Keegan Gerhard, owner of D Bar and Melissa Coppel of Jean Marie Auboine Chocolates. Throughout the seminar, Chef Morato shared his vision for pastry, his unique flavor profiles and distinctive techniques in his desserts.

The training focused on a variety of plated desserts and entremets. The first day focused on producing the components for a variety of desserts including cake layers, cream and gelee inserts for various entremets, syrups and decorations. Chef Morato personally prepared each recipe alongside the students, so as to perfectly explain the preparation of each. Chef Morato elaborated on the importance of temperature for baking different items such as biscuit layers, chiffon cake, tart dough and the like. The importance of consistency was also emphasized and executed by creating entremet layers of the exact same weight and shape. Chef Morato demonstrated innovative ways to quickly assemble cakes by directly piping layers instead of the traditional method of freezing each layer separately and then assembling them.

The second day of the seminar focused on the assembly of many cakes destined for the buffet. A variety of mousse were prepared and Chef Morato elaborated on the many nuances of mousse production, namely temperature ranges and pasteurization of egg products or gelatin that might be used. The chef brought together all the components prepared on the first and built each cake in front of the students, explaining his methods for assembly and storage. Additional decorations and preparations for the plated desserts were also prepared throughout the day in anticipation of the result on the final day of the seminar.

The third and last day of the class culminated with a gorgeous display of the student’s and Chef Morato’s hard work. Prior to the presentation of the buffet however, a busy day was had to put all of the finishing touches on the entremets. Cakes were sprayed with a variety of chocolate products while other items were glazed. Recipes needed just prior to presentation were prepared and put to good use as Chef Morato finished each cake one-by-one with his matchless style of decoration and finishing touches. Also during the final morning, the chef expertly displayed his skills for plated desserts. He quickly and effortlessly brought together all of his preparations to reveal stunning creations on the plate. Most noted was the Fôret Vert, a dessert combining Marcona Almond Crumble, Green Tea Sponge Cake, Vanilla and Green Tea Creams, as well as a Kirsch Granita and a Sour Cherry Sorbet.

Last but certainly not least, Chef Morato made sure all of the students had ample time to sample all of his creations and provide valuable feedback. During this time the students also enjoyed a champagne toast and the opportunity to have their picture made with the chef and their fellow students alike. The chef attendees came from all over the U.S. and Canada and represented a wide range in the pastry industry, including culinary schools, chocolate and pastry shops, restaurants, hotels and private clubs.