10 Questions with … STG Pizzeria & Gelateria

Tulsa, Oklahoma is a bastion for creative gelato flavors, fervent gelato consumers, and enthusiastic gelato makers like Mike and Jim Bausch who amplify the culture of gelato. Thanks to their family’s military roots, these two brothers traveled the world and experienced many different cultures and flavors throughout their formative years. Mike and Jim have owned… Read more »

Gelotti: A Passion Fulfilled

Gelotti’s of New Jersey is a stellar example of passion for frozen desserts realized. The enthusiasm felt by the human engine of this three-location establishment is authentically contagious. A true appreciation for ice cream, gelato, and serving their communities through love of the culinary craft and innovation the Gelotti family practices on a daily basis… Read more »


When it comes to making the important decision of where to spend four years in college, prospective students have a lot to consider. Historically, the deciding factors include academics, student life, campus housing and location, but today on-campus food and beverage offerings are a big recruiting factor for colleges and universities. College students today are… Read more »


A LOOK AT HOW FONTAINEBLEAU MIAMI BEACH IS TRANSFORMING DESSERTS FOR GUESTS AND PASSERSBY ALIKE Hotels and resorts continue to position themselves as a destination for eating, competing with fine dining and quick service restaurants locally. Hotel dining has been getting a makeover in the realm of upscale restaurants and healthy breakfast transformations, but a… Read more »

Utilizing Empty Space for Something Sweet

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When it comes to college dining, food is not just nourishment but a fundamental part of the student’s college experience. The dining halls, food courts, and coffee shops are more than just brick and mortar buildings where students obtain nourishment. Rather, they are places for studying, socializing, and building communities. As a result, dining programs… Read more »

SUBLIME DOUGHNUTS: Full-Bodied Pastries, Despite the Hole

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Behind the polished glass of a doughnut shop’s pastry display case lies a stunning collection of pure culinary allurement. Fresh pastries of varying shapes and sizes are dressed up with colorful and sweet glazes, toppings and garnishes canvassing the surface of every impeccably prepared treat. The sight of this edible eye-candy is enough to overcome… Read more »

“Nobody Knows the Truffles I’ve Seen” A Sweet Journey Inside San Francisco’s Sixth Course

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Most of you are familiar with the quote made famous by the movie “Forest Gump,” “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” For Bridget Labus and Gianina Serrano, chefs and owners of Sixth Course in San Francisco, CA, life is chocolate (truffles to be exact) and every filling… Read more »

Words of Wisdom: A Look Back at Inspirational Advice from Successful Dessertpreneurs

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Pearls of wisdom and uplifting stories have been shared by successful dessertpreneurs over the past six years in the many issues of Views From the Tree. As business owners, obstacles and understanding how to overcome them are the common denominators shared across the board. Whether you are just opening your establishment or have already proven… Read more »

Customer Q&A: Boardwalk Empire

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It’s officially summertime – the warmest of the four seasons and synonymous with celebrations, vacations, frozen desserts and trips to the beach. With a location directly on the Indian River only one mile away from the Atlantic Ocean, Uncle Carlo’s Gelato is intent on continuously providing its coastal patrons with sweet waves of irresistible gelato… Read more »

Feature Article: Customer Q&A: Affogato & Nuny’s Yogurt Sweeten Mexico’s Dessert Scene

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Although American palates have long been enjoying the exotic flavors and appeal of Mexican cuisine, 2013 has been appropriately dubbed the year of the “Latin flavor invasion,” with Mexican fare leading the charge of tastes. However, a mutual respect for authentic Italian culture and cuisine is increasingly represented in many Mexican communities due to gelaterias… Read more »

Feature Article: Customer Q&A: Hotel Gelato & Fiasco Gelato: Canadian Flavor to Savor

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Gelato’s undeniable popularity is international. It’s Europe’s crowned artisanal frozen delicacy, and North America is becoming more and more saturated in the sweet waves of authentic gelato and delightful swirls of soft serve. The magnitude of the dessert’s notoriety has gained a solid presence inside the borders of our northern neighbor, Canada, thanks to flourishing… Read more »

Feature Customer Q&A: The Central Region: America’s Axis of Flavor

Mandola's Italian Market

Imagine welcoming smiles and diverse menu options that display mouthwatering pictures of epicurean delights alongside sumptuous meal descriptions. Add to that the irresistible visuals of adorable children enjoying a cone of gelato, or an inspiring view of pride-filled owners living their dream realized—these are the images that one sees through a virtual visit to European-style… Read more »

Customer Q&A: Four Businesses. One Common Goal.

Gelato Business

America has proven to be a melting pot of different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds, resulting in an assortment of diverse flavors, spices and exotic taste experiences across the nation. Some of the most delightful and pleasing food experiences herald from the family of European specialty desserts made up of gelato, sorbetto, fine chocolates and sophisticated… Read more »