Recipes: Strawberry Guava Sorbetto

Strawberry Guava Sorbetto

Directions: Place all the ingredients into a large mixing container. Mix with an immersion blender for 3–4 minutes making sure everything is dissolved. Place in the heat treatment portion of the batch freezer and process according to the machine. Extract the gelato into a pan. Garnish with fresh strawberries and guavas.

Recipes: Peanut Butter & Jelly Fro Yo

Peanut Butter Jelly Fro Yo

Directions: Place milk and yogurt in a large mixing container, preferably twice as large as the amount you are mixing. In a bowl, mix sugar, PreGel Yoggi 30® Powdered Flavor (Yogurt – KSA Dairy) and PreGel Fruttosa® (Water & Milk Base). With an immersion mixer, blend liquid ingredients while slowly adding the powders. Add PreGel… Read more »

Tree Talk: PreGel AMERICA Web Site Unveils New Recipe Database

Recipe Database

PreGel AMERICA is thrilled to announce the unveiling of their new recipe database on the company’s existing Web site Launched Spring 2010, the recipe database contains hundreds of recipes for gelato, sorbetto, Tenero (soft serve) and pastry. Highlighting recipes created by PreGel’s Corporate Pastry Chef Frederic Monti along with the PreGel Training Center team… Read more »

Top Ten: Magazines Specialty Dessert Professionals Should Be Reading

Dessert magazines

1. Dessert Professional – Launched in 2008, Dessert Professional combines three previously existing industry magazines, Pastry Art & Design, Frozen Desserts and Chocolatier, into one. While the focus is still divided by the major categories of pastry, frozen desserts and chocolates, it covers a wide range of topics and caters to a much larger audience… Read more »

What’s Blooming: Amarena Cherries: The Pinnacle of Fruit Luxury

Amarena Cherries

Highly sought-after by chefs and connoisseurs of all kinds, the amarena cherry is the pinnacle of fruit luxury, lending itself to a wide array of desirable culinary dishes. Not to be confused with your typical cherry or the popular maraschino cherry, the amarena cherry is molecular gastronomy at its finest, resulting in the transformation of… Read more »

Branching Out: PreGel Ingredients Add That Extra Punch in Your Spring Cocktails

Pomegranate Mojito

Recipes created by: Frederic Monti Directions: Shake vodka, simple syrup and 5-Star Chef Pastry Select Green Apple Compound in a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain into a martini glass. Garnish with fresh apple slice and enjoy! Directions: Crush together the sugar and mint leaves; add lime juice and stir to combine. Mix in rum and 5-Star… Read more »

Berry Healthy: The Scoop on Alternative Sweeteners


There are many alternative sweeteners available to provide consumers with the sweet taste they crave, without the calories or carbohydrates that natural sugar adds to food and beverages. Sucralose, stevia and aspartame are a select few among the long list of substitute sweeteners available in the marketplace today. With so many offerings and multiple claims,… Read more »

Berry Healthy: Basics 101: “Billions of ‘Friendly’ Live Active Cultures” in Your Frozen Yogurt


As we scan our local grocery stores and eateries, it seems that more and more product labels and marketing materials are boasting pro- and prebiotics. If you’re like most people, we’re left asking ourselves, “Since when did I order bacteria with my frozen yogurt?” Turns out you’re not alone, and a closer look at these… Read more »

Tree Talk: Four Unique and Trendy Products Make PreGel’s 2010 Novelties List

2010 Novelties

PreGel AMERICA recently announced its 2010 Novelties, and unlike previous years, it’s a small selection of unique and chic products. Representing a gamut of trends in the industry, the four new products are extremely versatile and true palate- pleasers for all areas of specialty desserts. Salted Caramel Super Sprint – A perfect combination of salty… Read more »

Tree Talk: Tenero, A Concept Redefining Soft Serve


Tenero is the next generation of soft serve products reinventing the frozen dessert experience for both consumers and operators across the United States. Encompassing both ready-to-use and more customizable products and recipes for frozen yogurt, gelato, sorbetto and ice cream, Tenero is a new, healthy and gourmet solution to the time-treasured classic of soft serve…. Read more »

Tree Talk: From Master Chocolatier to World Champion MOF, 2010 5-Star Chef Series Continues to Wow

Jean Pierre Wybauw

The PreGel Training Center kicked off the 2010 5-Star Chef Series with amazing talent in February. True forces in the industry, Master Chocolatier Jean-Pierre Wybauw and MOF Olivier Bajard led dynamic 5-Star Chef Series seminars on the Art of Chocolates and Bonbons, and Techniques for Entremets and Tarts. “It was a pleasure to refine my… Read more »