Top Ten: Chocolate Gelato Ideas

Top Ten Chocolate Gelato

You’ll love this collection of our finest chocolate gelato ideas! From one-of-a kind to classic chocolate flavors, these recipes are the top-ranked chocolate gelato creations produced by the PreGel Professional Training Center staff. These creations were selected as the best for their uniqueness and/or simplicity by customers, clients and the PreGel Staff.


10.  Chocolate Arrabbiata Gelato

This spicy chocolate flavor is truly one-of-a kind, fusing the flavors of cinnamon, honey and cayenne powder. The name Arrabbiata means the “Angry Sauce,” and it heralds from authentic Italian Arrabbiata sauce, which is known for its intense heat. Create this spicy chocolate flavor using PreGel Prontociocc Traditional Paste (Chocolate) and PreGel Cinnamon Traditional Paste.  Click here for the Recipe

9. Casanova Gelato

A Valentine’s Day favorite that’s full of nutty and chocolate passion. Featuring PreGel Gianduiotto Rock Traditional Paste (Chocolate with Hazelnut Pieces), PreGel Caramelllate Traditional Paste and PreGel Cacao Togo (Cocoa Powder), it is the perfect treat for romance. Click here for the Recipe

8. Chocolate Passion Gelato

This gelato takes decadence to the next level. Pairing rich chocolate with the ever-growing popularity of passion fruit allows for a fruity chocolate blend that is both sweet and satisfying. Craft this chocolatey passion fruit combination using PreGel Prontociocc Traditional Paste (Chocolate) and PreGel Passion Fruit Fortefrutto®, accented with 2010/2011 novelty PreGel Passion Fruit Arabeschi®. Click here for the Recipe

7. Rocky Road Gelato

A timeless American ice cream in the form of gelato makes it that much better. Rocky Road gelato brings together the deliciousness of PreGel Cacaopat Traditional Paste, nuts and marshmallows. Click here for the Recipe

6. Chocolate Banana Split Gelato

A quick and easy chocolate recipe that features chocolate instead of vanilla and tastes just like an American-style banana split drizzled with chocolate. Make this gelato using PreGel Banana Fortefrutto® and PreGel Prontociocc Traditional Paste (Chocolate). Click here for the Recipe

5. Mint Chocolate Crisp Gelato

Reminiscent of Girl Scout® Thin Mint Cookies, this is one of most sought-after recipes. Mint Chocolate Crisp Gelato features the flavors of PreGel White Mint Traditional Paste and PreGel Biscotto Arabeschi® (chocolate-covered cookies). Click here for the Recipe

4. Chocolate-Hazelnut

Hazelnuts and chocolate have always been destined for one another, and Chocolate-Hazelnut gelato is no exception. Top with PreGel Chocolate-Hazelnut Rock Arabeschi® and let the flavor party begin! Click here for the Recipe

3. Chocolate Cake Gelato

Cake and ice cream have always gone hand-in-hand, and with our chocolate cake gelato recipe you can now combine the best of both worlds using real chocolate cake mix and PreGel Cacaopat Traditional Paste (Chocolate – Unsweet). Click here for the Recipe

2. Chocolate Chip Cookie Gelato

Another classic pairing, PreGel Prontociocc Traditional Paste (Chocolate) and PreGel Biscotto Traditional Paste (Cookie) unite to create a chocolate chip cookie masterpiece. Click here for the Recipe

1. Prontociocc – Traditional Chocolate Gelato

The number one crowd-pleaser is plain, simple and delicious chocolate gelato. Made with PreGel’s Prontociocc Traditional Paste (Chocolate), there is nothing better than the timeless classic of chocolate gelato for the true chocolate lover. Click here for the Recipe