Top Ten: Culinary Herbs and Recipes

Top Herbs

Top Herbs1. Basil
Popular in both Mediterranean and Asian cuisine, basil has many varieties and is prized for its spicy, clove-like flavor.
Recipe suggestion: Coconut Basil Gelato

2. Lavender
A very fragrant, slightly sweet herb used in perfumes and teas as well as for cooking and baking.
Recipe suggestion: Lavender Spritz Cookies

3. Thyme
Often used in combination with other herbs, thyme has a subtle, slightly lemony flavor.
Recipe suggestion: Banana Thyme Gelato

4. Mint
Mint is a classic dessert herb that comes in many varieties such as peppermint, spearmint, lemon mint and even chocolate mint.
Recipe suggestion: Pomegranate Mojito

5. Lemongrass
A grass-like herb often used in Asian cuisine that has a fresh lemon flavor and is perfect for infusions.
Recipe suggestion: Coconut Lemongrass Soup

6. Rosemary
Rosemary is an aromatic herb with needle-like leaves and a woodsy flavor, often used in roasting or poaching.
Recipe suggestion: Rosemary Olive Oil Macaroons

7. Tarragon
With an anise-like flavor, this tender-leafed herb is popular in French cuisine.
Recipe suggestion: Tarragon Meringue

8. Cilantro
Often used in Latin American cuisine, this herb is readily available fresh in most grocery stores and has a peppery flavor.
Recipe suggestion: Avocado Cilantro Gelato

9. Thai Basil
Different from classic sweet basil, Thai basil exudes a piquant aniseed aroma with flavors reminiscent of citrus and mint, and pairs particularly well with
spicy foods.
Recipe suggestion: Thai Basil Chili Granita

10. Sage
Giving off a musty yet smoky aroma this member of the mint family adds a unique savory twist to desserts.
Recipe suggestion: Brown Butter Sage Apple Pie

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