Top 10: Portable Desserts

The dessert industry is flooded with a buffet of innovative ideas for those who prefer a stationary treat, and others who want a sweet snack (or meal replacement) while on the move.  Here you will find ten concepts of convenient and practical portable desserts that can take your menu to the next level. Some of… Read more »

Continuous Freezers: Just Keep on Churning Along

“How to Become a Gelatopreneur with PreGel” is the title of the three-minute edutainment short hosted on, PreGel America’s website, explaining that the upfront cost of a starter business can range from anywhere between $100K-$200K due to everything from building costs to equipment essentials such as immersion blenders, batch freezers, display case(s), refrigerators, and… Read more »

How To Manage Vacation Time During The Summer

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Summer typically brings forth clearer skies, sunshine, and more consumers for a variety of businesses – especially frozen dessert establishments. The warm temperatures and consumer turnout ultimately feed your bottom line. Therefore, during the busy season, managing your employees’ vacation time efficiently is of the utmost importance to ensure your consumers consistently receive supreme customer… Read more »

Pastry: The Benefits of Offering Gluten-Free Pastries

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A few years ago, gluten-free products were virtually unheard of except in specialty health food stores. Nowadays, products labeled with the term “gluten-free” nearly dominate local supermarket segments from fresh to frozen, and deli to dairy. Once a rare find, gluten-free foods are now increasingly getting more shelf space and attention.  In some cases, whole… Read more »

Ancient Grains and Desserts

A Beneficial Union As recently as May of 2016, The Plate, a blog published by, reported about a national survey which found that 84 percent of Americans throw away food based on the sell by date stamped on packages. Yet, ancient — a word partly defined as having the qualities of age or long… Read more »

Gluten-free Funnel Cakes

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Moderate 560g (19.8oz) PreGel Five Star Chef Éclair Mix – 312098 820g (28.9oz) warm water (55°-60°C/131°-140°F) METHOD OF PREPARATION Combine warm water and PreGel Five Star Chef Éclair Mix in the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment. Mix on medium speed for 10 minutes. Allow the dough to rest… Read more »

Phenomenal Women of Pastry

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There is a suggestive idiom that has solidified a place in history and woven its premise into the fabrics of many cultures. It has been the topic of debate beginning in the 19th century (according to documented history); it has been the basis of countless social and political movements; it has forged the idea of… Read more »

Gelotti: A Passion Fulfilled

Gelotti’s of New Jersey is a stellar example of passion for frozen desserts realized. The enthusiasm felt by the human engine of this three-location establishment is authentically contagious. A true appreciation for ice cream, gelato, and serving their communities through love of the culinary craft and innovation the Gelotti family practices on a daily basis… Read more »

Dynamic Concepts

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Upgrading The Norm To Make The Unusual The New Usual    Every year the National Restaurant Association surveys hundreds of professional chefs from the American Culinary Federation to collect data for its annual What’s Hot Culinary Forecast. This report predicts what the hottest trends in culinary art and menu options will be for the upcoming… Read more »

5-Ways PreGel Five Star Chef Gluten-Free Pronto Flamenco

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Multifunctional ingredients such as those in a pastry kitchen are great advantages to busy chefs. PreGel Five Star Chef Gluten-Free Pronto Flamenco (Sponge Cake) is a perfect example of such an ingredient. This extremely versatile, gluten-free powdered product easily creates sponge cake, roulade, and other baked goods with the simple addition of water and eggs…. Read more »

Everybody Has a Food Story.

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Here’s My Tale of the Pecan “Hello!” I greeted in an almost overly-cheerful tone. Excitement radiated from my bright young eyes as I hurriedly approached the counter of my family’s favorite ice cream chain with a very important task to execute. I, at the time, a proud seven-year-old, was gifted the opportunity to place the… Read more »

What We are Loving

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A look at the hottest product at PreGel right now Make Way For More Sweetness When buttery, caramelized pecans gently blend with the captivating taste of sweet vanilla spice and a subtle hint of brown sugar, taste buds cry with appreciation. Butter pecan, the 3rd best-selling flavor of ice cream in America, has proven that… Read more »

Keeping It 100%

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Why it’s important to consider all ingredients in your recipe when making goods with dietary restrictions Considering the dozens of today’s food labels that read gluten-free, vegan, kosher, and so forth, it may be hard for some people to believe that there was once no such thing as dietary restrictions on a mainstream level in… Read more »

PreGel ITC: International Spotlight

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Our Neighbors to the North – Canada Training and education are crucial in our sector. They represent a service that PreGel has been providing to clients and investors worldwide for years. With this objective in mind, PreGel continues to nurture this resourceful benefit for our current and future business partners. Only 45 minutes north of… Read more »

PreGel Opens International Training Centers – Chicago

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Specialty dessert ingredient manufacturer and distributor expands network of training facilities Aside from producing, manufacturing, and distributing specialty dessert ingredients for the creation of artisan frozen dessert and pastry, PreGel (Pre Gelateria) is also very passionate about culinary education. PreGel America is excited to announce the expansion of its state-of-the-art International Training Centers to the… Read more »

PreGel Makes Business Accessible 24 Hours a Day

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Consumer purchasing needs tend to range from those of an urgent nature to the kind based purely on curiosity, and for dessertpreneurs with a passion for creating artisanal specialty desserts, PreGel (Pre Gelateria) makes it possible to obtain necessary dessert ingredient solutions any time of day with a newly added ecommerce component to the company’s… Read more »