Top Ten: Favorite Sweet & Savory Combinations


Have a serious weakness for sweet and salty desserts? The trend has been hitting the dessert industry by storm recently, and although not the newest of ideas, new combinations are popping up every day. That’s why we decided it was time to highlight our list of the Top 10 most delicious sweet and savory combinations, from the tried and true to the ones that just made it on the scene.

Sweet and savory dishes can easily go from a fascinating play on flavors to a failure of syrupy sweetness. The key is getting the balance just right – and the top ten listed here have accomplished just that!

10. Saltine-style Cracker Ice Cream Sandwiches – The salty sweet combo of saltine-style crackers works well with the sweetness of any ice cream, gelato, sorbetto or even frozen yogurt flavor.
Recipe to Try: Gelato sandwiches made with saltine-style crackers

9. Honey Mustard & Creamy Desserts – Mustard adds an intriguing hot bite to any cool, creamy dessert. One combination popular right now is chocolate mini cakes filled with a center of creamy honey mustard united with whipped cream.

8. Apple Pie & Cheddar Cheese – What started as a New England-style combination, is making its way across the country and becoming exceptionally popular. Apple pie with cheddar cheese crust is a must try this year. Don’t knock it until you try it.

7. Fruit & Salt – In Asia and other warm climates, it’s fairly common to eat fruit with salt or even soy sauce. This one might not be for everyone, but in addition to helping suppress the bitterness of some fruits, low concentrations of salt will enhance sweetness and increase the intensity contrasting flavors.
Recipe to Try: Any PreGel Fortefrutto® gelato, sorbetto, ice cream and/or frozen yogurt with a dash of salt added to the recipe.

6. French Fries & Milkshakes – “Uh-may-zing,” utterly sinful and impossibly decadent – this one isn’t just for kids. It’s a classic combo for restaurant-style shops serving gelato shakes: why not start offering that shake with a side of fries?
Product/Recipe to Try: Cafettone™ or Gelato Milkshake

5. Bacon & Brown Sugar – Bacon − awesome. Brown sugar − delicious. Put them together and not only do you get the sum of both parts, but also a creation so shockingly delicious, your customers will be coming back for more!

4. Ham & Pineapple – This sweet and savory combination has been enticing food lovers of all ages, for ages. It all started with pineapple & ham pizza, but the combo is debuting in applications such as cupcakes and pies.

3. Salt & Caramel – A perfect combination of salty and sweet, salted caramel is a flavor that has been making waves in all facets of the dessert industry for a few years now.
Recipe to Try: Salted Caramel Gelato

2. Brie & Fig – An elegant presentation and a fantastic flavor combination make this simple and easy combo of flavors a hit.
Recipe to Try: Baked Brie en Croute with Fig and Walnut


Pretzels & Chocolate

1. Pretzels & Chocolate – A staple sweet and savory combo, pretzels and chocolate have been a traditional mishmash for some time now and are still a crowd favorite. Loved by all, chocolate covered pretzels makes our list as the number one sweet and savory treat.
Products to Try: Coriandolina® Frozen Pop Coatings