Top Ten: Magazines Specialty Dessert Professionals Should Be Reading

Dessert magazines

Dessert magazines1. Dessert Professional – Launched in 2008, Dessert Professional combines three previously existing industry magazines, Pastry Art & Design, Frozen Desserts and Chocolatier, into one. While the focus is still divided by the major categories of pastry, frozen desserts and chocolates, it covers a wide range of topics and caters to a much larger audience in the dessert field.

2. Pastry & Baking North America – The merger of above publication and fold of Pastry’s Best left the door wide open for this pastry magazine to enter the industry in 2009. With great recipes by renowned chefs and consistent columns, this is a great resource for aspiring pastry chefs.

3. So Good – A very high-end and well-executed magazine in the pastry world, you will be in awe of the eye-catching photography and layouts, and overall beauty of this magazine. The focus on innovative pastry chefs and education are great attributes of this publication.

4. Good Housekeeping, RealSimple or Everyday with Rachel Ray – A women’s consumer magazine is noted for two reasons. The first is that women are today’s top consumers. Understanding what women are reading and looking at can help businesses understand the influence media has on women. The second reason is that these have great seasonal and creative baking and pastry ideas that are currently enticing the American palate.

5. Modern Baking – Both an easy read and great resource for bakers, Modern Baking focuses its editorial on telling the stories of bakers across the United States. It also focuses on new trends facing today’s bakers.

6. National Dipper – For frozen dessert retailers, this magazine hones in on the issues and solutions for ice cream, gelato and soft serve businesses.

7. Dairy Foods – While this publication focuses on all things dairy, it’s great for up-to-date information from the dairy industry. From legislation to nutritional
additives to new dairy products on the market, it
covers information very useful to those who use dairy in their daily operations.

8. Entrepreneur – OK, so it’s not a dessert magazine, but many of you are entrepreneurs and this magazine is a great resource for business owners. From large to small businesses, this magazine features the secrets of
successful entrepreneurs and best business practices.

9. Baking Buyer – All things baking are covered in this magazine including recipes, information on trends and ingredients, and decorating tips.

10. Your Local Paper – Knowing your community and what’s going on is imperative. It can tell you what businesses are coming and going, what big events are happening and even the weather. All these things can affect your business, so it’s important to be in the know.