Top Ten: Vanilla Gelato Recipes

Vanilla Whiskey Caramel Gelato

Vanilla Whiskey Caramel GelatoLast issue, we shared with you our collection of our finest chocolate gelato recipes; so it’s only natural that, for this issue, we share with you our premium vanilla gelato recipes. These recipes are the top-ranked vanilla gelato creations produced using PreGel’s beloved Vanilla Traditional Pastes (Vanilla Mexico Superior, Vanilla Velvet and Vanilla Purissima Bean). These creations were selected as the best for their uniqueness and/or simplicity by customers and the PreGel staff.

10. Vanilla Whiskey Caramel Gelato
This alcohol-infused recipe is created using 2010 novelty PreGel Base Allegra and PreGel Vanilla Purissima Bean Traditional Paste united with a flavorful, aged whisky to give it that extra kick. Decorate with PreGel Caramel Topping.

9. Lemon Strawberry Vanilla Gelato
Sweet yet sour, this recipe combines the succulent flavors of PreGel Lemon 50, PreGel Vanilla Velvet Traditional Paste and PreGel Fragolissima Arabeschi® (Whole Strawberries).

8. Root Beer Float Gelato
Reminiscent of a classic root beer float, this gelato is made with PreGel Vanilla Velvet Traditional Paste and real root beer soda.

7. Vanilla White Passion Gelato
A fusion of white chocolate, passion fruit and vanilla, created using PreGel White Chocolate Traditional Paste, PreGel Passion Fruit Fortefrutto® and PreGel Vanilla Purissima Bean Traditional Paste.

6. Tangy Cranberry Gelato
Cranberries are not just for turkey! This sweet vanilla gelato is swirled with our ruby-colored Cristalberry Arabeschi® which features whole cranberries and PreGel Vanilla Purissima Bean Traditional Paste.

5. Strawberry Shortcake Gelato
The perfect combination of strawberries and cake in gelato form! Enjoy the combination of PreGel Vanilla Velvet Traditional Paste, PreGel Fragolissima Arabeschi® (Whole Strawberries) and old-fashioned sponge cake made with PreGel Frollis.

4. Banana Cream Pie Gelato
Creamy and full of banana flavor, this gelato is made with PreGel Banana Fortefrutto® and PreGel Vanilla Velvet Traditional Paste. For the banana lover, this banana cream pie gelato is out of this world. Decorate with PreGel Caramel Topping.

3. Milano® Cookie Gelato
Ah, the classic Milano® cookie – simple yet elegant. Create the perfect balance of exquisite PreGel Roasted Almond Traditional Paste and luxuriously rich PreGel Vanilla Mexico Superior Traditional Paste to create this gelato flavor that’s just as irresistible as Milano® cookies.

2. Cookie Dough Gelato
Talk about a childhood favorite in ice cream form. Featuring PreGel Vanilla Velvet Traditional Paste and real cookie dough pieces, this flavor is truly loved by all ages.

1. ‘Ol Fashioned Vanilla
You guessed it; the number one crowd-pleaser is plain, simple and superb vanilla gelato. Made with PreGel’s Vanilla Purissima Bean Traditional Paste, there is nothing better than the timeless classic of vanilla gelato that features real specks of vanilla bean.

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