Top 10: Holiday Favorite with a Twist

“Baby, it’s cold outside!” As winter is right around the corner, it’s time to bring out those cozy dessert ideas to keep you company on those cold days and nights. We’re about to present to you ten holiday dessert favorites with a slight twist. Where more traditional recipes have never failed you in the past, let these tweaks become your customers’ new menu favorites. Without further ado, here they are:

The first holiday favorite we’ll be covering is gingerbread. While traditionally presented in the form of cookies and houses, this year we’d like to give this traditional flavor somewhat of a twist. Instead of the usual red velvet and carrot cake, give gingerbread cake with cream cheese frosting a try!

Swap the glass for a napkin. This year instead of having eggnog as a beverage, try this ingenious white chocolate eggnog fudge. By following a standard fudge recipe and combining the right amount of melted white chocolate and eggnog, you’ll end up with a different and yummy eggnog holiday favorite. Don’t forget to top it off with a dash of nutmeg.

During the holidays, we see orange-cranberry in several different dessert applications. After all, why wouldn’t we? It’s an awesome combination! With these orange-cranberry cupcakes, you’re in for a special treat. Fold in some dried cranberries and orange zest into the cupcake batter and you’re ready to go. Then just top them with the frosting of your choice and voilà!

The good thing about this mouthwatering trifle is the fact that it gives you the flexibility to be more creative with it. You can play around with the ingredients and how you layer them, as this won’t change the deliciousness of the end product. One way is to start by adding brownie bites to the bottom of the glass, pouring hot fudge sauce on top followed by whipped cream, caramel sauce, and toasted pecans. Repeat this process for as many layers as you’d like.

Let’s picture it together. Soft, hot, and chewy brownies coming straight out of the oven, ready to be cut and served. Now imagine the same brownies with a layer of pecan pie filling on top, swapping out the pie crust for a gooey brownie. Heavenly! Spice up your brownie game and make some pecan brownies this year!

We all know how fun it is to make s’mores sitting by the fire. But since that’s something somewhat complicated to offer to customers, give s’mores bark a go this winter. It’s delicious, different, and the process doesn’t require many steps. The ingredients are still the same: dark chocolate, marshmallows (miniature), and graham crackers.

That’s right! Traditional cinnamon rolls offered in cookie form! These cookies are ideal for a little afternoon snack break, as they are easy to make and go very well with coffee. Start by rolling out your sugar cookie mix, then spreading a layer of cinnamon sugar on top. Roll the dough into a log and slice it into one-inch-thick cookies. Pop them in the oven and once they’re done, don’t forget to drizzle them with cream cheese frosting.

It’s as simple and tempting as it sounds. Two much-loved ingredients, warmed up in a cup, ready to keep you cozy and comfortable. All you need to do is to add together the hot chocolate mix and peanut butter, then stir in hot water until blended. The creaminess of the peanut butter won’t make you miss those mini marshmallows.

Hey créme brûlée and cheesecake lovers! No need to panic. You don’t need to make just one or the other for your customers from now on. Combine these two very traditional desserts and have one exquisite and innovative créme brûlée cheesecake. Don’t forget to torch a layer of superfine sugar on top for that classic crème brûlée crunch.

You may need to warn your customers that they won’t be able to have just one. These addicting truffles will keep them coming back for more. They are as simple to make as they are to eat. By mixing together the melted peppermint chocolate, butter, and heavy cream, then letting it chill in the refrigerator, you’ll get the perfect consistency to roll a dollop size ball into sprinkles or any other coating of your choice. Peppermint is sure to add the ideal bite to these rich delights