Top Ten: Concepts & Products We’ve Said Goodbye to at PreGel, for Better or for Worse

In light of farewells, we thought in this last edition of Views from the Tree we should also honor the Top 10 PreGel products and concepts that made their exit in the past few years. In business you are always learning, trying new things, making mistakes and building on concepts – all in attempt to bring success. Success doesn’t often come without failure, so sometimes you just have to fess up, admit what didn’t work and move on to the next thing – whether you improve upon what you started or completely start over.

( And to be fair, we gave everyone a vote –
from customers, to chefs, marketing and sales.
For better or for worse, here’s what we’ve laid to rest.)


10. Views from the Tree Magazine

It is time to turn the last page of PreGel AMERICA’s original edition of Views from the Tree magazine, which first came to light in Fall 2008. Six years later, the publication is getting a facelift with a modern name and exciting design that reflects the company’s growth. Don’t worry, the story will be continued.
Marketing Voted: We can always do better!

9. Equipment

To sell or not to sell equipment, that is the question? It is a dilemma every ingredient company most likely runs into at one point or another. As for us, we learned our lesson the hard way. Other than our Panini Press we will be sticking to what we know and only serve as a distributor on occasion. Equipment requires maintenance, service, and therefore dedication and time (cough, Ugolini machines, cough).
Sales Reps voted: for better!

8. Happy Gelato Parties

Back in 2009, they were the latest craze sweeping gelaterias around the world. Straight from Italy, the parties featured a trained performance artist who exceled at the art of entertainment and gelato – offering spectators a show full of Happy Cones, gelato tricks, exciting giveaways and lots of fun. Ok now, we know you loved them, but every good thing must come to an end and our staff wasn’t too sad to hang up its party shoes.
PreGel Staff: for better;
Kids and other gelato fans: for worse.

7. Zoldana Cups

Our first paper cups featured the words: Authentic, Healthy, Natural and Fresh in big letters. Great buzzworthy words, but the design left a little bit to be desired, and long story short, they didn’t sell. Being the resourceful company we are, we still use them for samples, testing and take-home gelato.
PreGel Clients: for better.

6. Marketing-in-a-Box

Yes, we know everyone like freebies, but a one kit fits all isn’t easy to accomplish and we couldn’t give these away. Launched in 2009, PreGel AMERICA’s MIB promotion was a one-time offer to customers who met a certain amount on a first order. While the kits truly offered an easy solution to assist business’ marketing efforts, we quickly realized the market rapidly moved towards greater customized needs.
PreGel Marketing: We’re working on new solutions, and there’s always

5. Bio Organic Super Sprints

Bio Super Sprints didn’t achieve the breakthrough we were hoping for. The market wanted organic, and we brought it. But, like so many fads, buzz for organic came with a cost.
Note: sometimes trends don’t pan out.

4. ServIce Moda

The Italians aren’t just known for gelato, but also their sleek, fashion forward style. So why not try both together? With that a PreGel apparel line for chefs – somehow – made sense. Matching T-shirts and aprons were created and as it turned out, the Italian gelato masters of the world didn’t prefer our sense of style. No offense PreGel, but you should stick with what you do best, mastering authentic Italian dessert ingredients.
Customers voted: for better.

3. PreGel USA Logo

Bye. Bye USA, welcome AMERICA! The PreGel logo and name were revamped in 2008. While the “PreGel” side of the logo looks similar to today’s, our lovely pre-2008 logo used to proudly carry the national flag by its side. Why the switch?
Well, there are a lot of reasons why but we won’t bore you. And for consistency’s sake, we are embarking on another new logo redesign that the whole company will follow.
Marketing voted: for better!

2. 07323 Apple Cream

A little over a year ago, PreGel launched a revolutionary product that was given the name Apple Cream. Sounds fancy? Wait for the description: “A natural and delicious flavor, topping and filling that contains no additives and is created from fresh apples, nourishing the taste buds with every bite.” Doesn’t that sound awesome? Not too shabby for …
applesauce. Ok, let’s not be too harsh here, the product was very tasty indeed and easy-to-use. But let’s face it: it’s applesauce, an American staple. Next!
Chefs voted: for better!

1. Tenero®

Tenero® was recently crossed off the list of PreGel brands in favor of a more traditional – and English – name to refer to the line: Soft Serve! Despite all the marketing efforts to make Tenero® (meaning “soft” in Italian) a mainstream term, customers kept raising eyebrows when the word was pronounced. But no worries, we’ve got plenty more for you to figure out … Ara-besch-i – WHAT? Need a PreGel Lingo dictionary? We’re on it …
Customers voted: for better!