Tree Talk: When Credit Card Companies Get More of Your Returns Than You Do

Credit Cards

Goodbye, cold hard cash; the convenience and perks offered by credit and debit cards have consumers everywhere reaching for plastic, leaving small businesses no choice but to accommodate them. With the state of the current economy, many small businesses are feeling the pinch from offering consumers the luxury of using their cards and finding already… Read more »

HR Corner: Employee-Generated Revenue and Scheduling


Employee-Generated Revenue and Scheduling Many factors contribute to finding the perfect balance between employee productivity and labor costs, while meeting business-level demands. Add the additional factor of seasonal patterns, and the formula becomes even more complex. However, don’t be discouraged because there are a variety of methods to help you understand how to properly staff… Read more »

Recipes: Banana Cream Pie Gelato

Banana Cream Pie Gelato

Directions: Mix the sugar, PreGel Dextrose and PreGel Diamant 50 (Milk Base) together. Add whole milk, cream and skim milk powder. Add the PreGel Banana Fortefrutto® and fresh bananas. Mix carefully with an immersion blender. Put into the pasteurizer. Pasteurize at 85°C/185°F. Pour mix into the batch freezer. Decorate with PreGel Caramel Topping.

Recipes: Strawberry Shortcake Gelato

Strawberry Shortcake Gelato

Directions: Pour the whole milk and heavy cream into a large bucket/container. Mix the sugar and PreGel Totalbase® (Water & Milk Base) in a separate container. Slowly add the dry mix to the liquid mix while slowly blending with an immersion mixer. Add the PreGel Vanilla Velvet Traditional Paste (American Vanilla) and blend for 3-4… Read more »

Top Ten: 10 Ways to Put Leftover Gelato to Work

Togo Gelato

1. Coffee Can Solve Anything – Affogato Anyone? Coffee and gelato are as traditionally Italian as pasta and sauce. Considering coffee’s popularity in America (about 50 percent of Americans drink coffee every day1), blending an American essential with an Italian classic will capture the interest of frequent and new customers alike. Affogato is gelato topped… Read more »

What’s Blooming: Rated M for Mature – Alcohol-Infused Gelato

Alcohol Infused Gelato

Peanut butter and jelly. Pancakes and syrup. Alcohol and gelato? Absolutely! In recent years, gelato has greatly increased in popularity among the American public. Gelato’s palate appeal and wide spectrum of flavors have already proven to be vastly impressive to consumers, and the evolution of gelato enjoyment continues to dazzle with the infusion of alcohol…. Read more »

What’s Blooming: The Guava: A Tropical Wonder


Most health experts recommend eating at least five servings of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. For most, common fruits such as apples, oranges and bananas come to mind. While these fruits certainly contain nutrients that are beneficial to overall health, tropical “superfruits,” like guava, can be an exotic taste alternative. Guavas are packed… Read more »

Slow Down and Eat Smart


You can buy organic and you can buy local, but is it sustainable? And if it’s sustainable, is it organic or local? Are you overwhelmed yet? There are a lot of issues to consider with agriculture and food-buying decisions these days, but there are also a lot of resources available for selecting the best organic,… Read more »

Exploring a New Frontier in Desserts – PreGel AMERICA Looks to Pastry


While its parent company, PreGel, has established itself as a leader over the last 40 years in the specialty desserts industry in Italy and Europe, 2009 will mark PreGel AMERICA’s inaugural year into the U.S. pastry market. This is no small feat considering the company has only been selling its gelato and frozen yogurt ingredients… Read more »

Berry Healthy: Functional Foods – Favorable and Flavorful

Functional Foods

During times like these, getting the most for your money is important, but what about getting the most for your body as well? There are many nutrients and dietary components that occur naturally in our everyday foods that provide great health benefits. Capitalizing on these benefits, more and more food companies are now offering supplements,… Read more »

Back to Our Roots: Proving the Family-Run Business Can Thrive Anywhere, PreGel Is a Global Success

Dario Rabboni

A Q&A with Dario Rabboni, board director, PreGel Q. What is your role at PreGel? A. As the board director, I am involved in the general marketing for PreGel Headquarters and its subsidiaries located around the world. Specifically, I develop and create concepts for strategic projects by adding value to the company with the introduction… Read more »

Tree Talk: Getting Involved in Your Community – The Creative and Inexpensive Way to Promote Your Business

WhyGelato Event

By getting involved in the community, businesses have the opportunity to prosper and grow at virtually no cost., a resource for entrepreneurs, states that, “Getting involved in the community can be a win-win situation in business. You’ll feel good about it, the community will benefit, and it can have added benefits to your company… Read more »