Behind Every Spoonful Is A Story

Luciano Rabboni

A glimpse into the origins of some of PreGel’s greatest successes. Potato chips were invented out of an “act of spite.” In 1853, Chef George Crum responded to a customer’s complaints about his potatoes by frying them to a crisp and heavily salting them. To the chef’s dismay, the customer liked them and they soon… Read more »

Tree Talk: Top Gelato Flavors

Top Gelato Flavors

Palate satisfaction is the targeted goal of any consumer on the hunt for the cure of the sweet tooth. Recently, veteran and amateur gelato and sorbetto connoisseurs have made it ravenously clear that five of PreGel’s satisfying array of flavors have proven most effective in fulfilling the sweet tooth’s desire. Leading the countdown of PreGel’s… Read more »

Top 10: Mistakes in Gelato Businesses

Top Ten Mistakes In Gelato Business

10. Failure to Create a Pleasant or Memorable Experience The atmosphere and mood of your establishment serves as a reflection of the goods you provide. Consumers seek environments that are clean, inviting and comfortable. Consider all aspects of the experience, including lighting, amenities, available seating, traffic flow and the character of the location. Remember that… Read more »

Tree Talk: PreGel Launches New ServIce® Line

ServIce Container Line

PreGel AMERICA recently launched ServIce®, a line of custom-designed paper and plastic products to meet all types of supply needs. Each product is made with the highest standards of quality. All of the products are FDA-approved and created using environment-friendly materials and processes. In Italy, gelato is traditionally served in a cone or paper cup…. Read more »

Branching Out: Here Comes the Semifreddo


With the 2008 wedding season coming to an end, 2009 brides are beginning to brainstorm ideas to make their wedding day unique and special. Though much consideration is normally given to which specialty entrée of steak, chicken or fish will be served, dessert is usually a traditional wedding cake with some miscellaneous fruit-flavored filling; however,… Read more »

Branching Out: Thinking Outside the Dish Decadent 3-Layer Chocolate Cake

Decadent 3 Layer Chocolate Cake

Thinking outside of the box is a defining characteristic of PreGel. We are constantly seeking and developing new niches for our products, acknowledging that the ingredients are common to many diverse culinary applications. With this in mind, we invite you to think beyond the gelato dish, and expand your horizons with our innovative recipes! Decadent… Read more »

PreGel AMERICA Secures Its Place in the U.S. Market

PreGel Facilty

New facility centralizes the company’s departments for more efficient business model. PreGel has always been a hub of innovation and research. So when the opportunity rose for the company’s U.S. division, PreGel AMERICA, to build a new state-of-the-art facility that would centralize its administrative offices, warehouse, Professional Training Center, and research and development all in… Read more »

Berry Healthy: What is BENEO™?


Products enriched with BENEO™ are popping up everywhere, but what is BENEO™? In the most specific terms, BENEO™ is a prebiotic, scientifically known as insulin and oligofructose (which are both sugars), that is found in various vegetables. The simplest consumer definition is that it is a vegetable product that aides in digestive health. BENEO™ can… Read more »

Berry Healthy: Basics 101: Water, a Critical Component in Sorbetto


Sorbetto, commonly referred to as “sorbet” in America, is gelato that is made without dairy ingredients. Water, the only component which freezes, is the principle ingredient in sorbetto – composing some 70 percent of the overall mixture. As the principle ingredient, the functions of water in sorbetto are to: • Dissolve sugar • Rehydrate the… Read more »