Top Ten: 10 Ways to Put Leftover Gelato to Work

Togo Gelato

1. Coffee Can Solve Anything – Affogato Anyone?

Coffee and gelato are as traditionally Italian as pasta and sauce. Considering coffee’s popularity in America (about 50 percent of Americans drink coffee every day1), blending an American essential with an Italian classic will capture the interest of frequent and new customers alike. Affogato is gelato topped with espresso and whipped cream. With this process, giving new life to remnant gelato can be a breeze.

2. Save Room for Gelato Cake

Around the world, there are many different varieties of cakes, making it a classic in every dessert menu. Pastry chefs are always experimenting wth new and innovative ideas – one of which is gelato cake. Layers of different gelato flavors, cake and filling can offer a new twist for cakes. This could be a smart decision, considering cakes account for one-third of sales within supermarkets.2

3. Shake, Rattle and Roll

Milkshakes are another American classic when it comes to family fun desserts. Since gelato’s main component is milk, break out the blender and turn it into a gelato shake. It’s simple to make and a favorite with children. Recirculating the gelato will also help refresh the texture and flavor. 3

Togo Gelato

4. Pack It Up

With people always on the move, grab-n-go convenience will always be popular among Americans. To cater to their needs, simply pack the gelato into quarts or pints and put them in a freezer or in the display case next to the gelato. Placing the gelato inside the display case in clear plastic containers will let customers see the visual appeal of the gelato while in the display case, with the convenience to take it with them in a thermal to-go container.

5. Make a Gelatowich

While there are some differences between gelato and ice cream, there are many ice cream favorites that can also be made with gelato, such as gelato sandwiches. Place the gelato between two Italian cookies for a great Italian version of this American novelty.

6. Profiteroles and Other Puff Pastries

Individual pastries with a gelato filling instead of a cream-based filling can be a great way to complement current pastry products or a great new product to kick off a bite-size pastry line.

7. Anything Is Heaven When It’s Covered in Chocolate

Popsicles have always been a favorite among Americans. Applying this innovation to gelato will make the customers want to keep coming back for more. Fill a mold tray with gelato, add a stick and freeze till sets. Then, cover with PreGel Gran Stracciatella Reale and freeze. No one will be able to resist these luscious frozen bars.

8. Frozen Pizza – No Need to Heat

Pizza can be consumed for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a midnight snack, so entice customers with a gelato pizza for dessert. It just takes a little imagination, but with some pizza or pastry dough, such as PreGel Frollis, gelato and Fragolissima Arabeschi®, the opportunity for a new spin on a traditional treat is here (although throwing it in the air might not be the best idea).

9. Tartufo Trendsetting

This Italian delicacy has yet to become widely popular in America, but is catching on. To make this truffle delight, mix your favorite PreGel Arabeschi® into the gelato. Scoop into small balls using an ice cream scoop, then roll in crushed cookies and freeze until firm. Cover frozen balls with melted PreGel Gran Stracciatella Reale and freeze again until set. Also, try it with PreGel Cacaopat gelato, mixed with PreGel Amarena Cherries and rolled in crushed Amaretti cookies for a decadent chocolate cherry treat!

10. Recycle

If no other option is possible, inserting the leftover gelato into the batch freezer with a new batch is the quickest and easiest solution. This is another instance where recirculating the gelato will also help refresh the texture and flavor.

1 “Caffeine Nation” by Rome Neal on, Sept. 7, 2003.
2 “Cake Statistics,” AIB International.