5-Ways: Mousse

Five Uses for Mousses Mousse, an indulgent dessert delicacy on its own or incorporated into a variety of recipes, PreGel has three ingredients perfect for making any variation of mousse, albeit light and airy or rich and creamy. Products that are easy to use and versatile are key in the kitchen for efficiency and consistent… Read more »

5-Ways PreGel Five Star Chef Gluten-Free Pronto Flamenco

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Multifunctional ingredients such as those in a pastry kitchen are great advantages to busy chefs. PreGel Five Star Chef Gluten-Free Pronto Flamenco (Sponge Cake) is a perfect example of such an ingredient. This extremely versatile, gluten-free powdered product easily creates sponge cake, roulade, and other baked goods with the simple addition of water and eggs…. Read more »