Think Outside of the (Pastry) Box

gooey pastry filling

The Pastry Industry: Sweet Foundations & Savory Fillings There’s no doubt that today’s consumer is open to experiment with new flavors. More than ever before, companies are turning to exotic new ingredient trends that tend to have a more elevated savory positioning. Whether it’s beverages such as fruit and vegetable infused juices, jalapeño peanut butter,… Read more »

A Bit of Sour for Your Sweet

A bit of sour with raspberry, ginger and lemon slice

Praised for their abilities to aid with digestion, decrease bloating, and offer an abundance of probiotics, the highly popular ingredients kefir, miso, and kombucha have appropriately earned their reputations as “gut-friendly” foods. Kefir, which is similar to yogurt but with a thinner consistency and slightly more sour and acidic taste, is made from kefir grains… Read more »

Ice cream or Ice nondairy FROZEN DESSERT?

no dairy ice cream

It’s no doubt that the term ice cream or gelato is used when referencing vegan desserts, even though, as reports, vegan ice cream is a misnomer. The consumer-focused website published that the Food and Drug Administration defines ice cream as a frozen, pasteurized product made from dairy that contains at least 10 percent milkfat…. Read more »

S-S-S-Sipping on Classic Cocktails

matches and old fashioned

Cocktails will continue to be at the forefront of social moments in 2018, but after years of pushing the boundaries of taste profiles with special ingredients, bartenders and cocktail artists are returning to their roots. Classic, well-made cocktails with solid ingredients are on the upswing, while the wildly experimental one-off drinks that filled bar menus… Read more »

Catering with Gelato: Expanding your Gelato Business

Gelato Bike Cart

The Gelato & Ice Cream Industry Social Event planners are no longer satisfied with ending their exciting events with the traditional pastry or cake offerings. Now event professionals are venturing out into the frozen dessert industry to explore alternative solutions for their dessert conundrum in order to please the increasingly complex tastes of their clients…. Read more »

Where’s for Dinner?

Where's Dinner featured image

The International Design of American Cuisine We experience it time and again, as it occurs very frequently in almost all areas of life. It happens in fashion; cosmetics; beauty; semantics (speech); entertainment; religion; and, yes, cuisine—from what we eat to how we dine. The “what” that is being discussed here is international influence. For instance,… Read more »

Making Noise & Driving Traffic: The Rise of Short-Term LTO’s

Thinking product development, new menu offering, or seasonal LTOs? Making noise and driving traffic with a new offering can be challenging. Marketing strategies change so fast, sometimes observing what big brands are doing can be a true inspiration to help you market your new products or limited-time offers. Some Marketing Takeaways on the Unicorn Frappuccino… Read more »

Got UHT? What’s the deal with shelf stable milk

What American doesn’t recognize the tagline “Got Milk?”, a popular  advertising campaign launched over 20 years ago in America that, according to research by Jeff Goodby in Adweek, “has become the most remembered tagline in beverage history.” He continues, “It is so ubiquitous, in fact, that people don’t think of it as a tagline anymore…. Read more »

Back Away From the Basics

Looking Beyond Pumpkin Spice for Fall Beverage Flavors The fall for many is the season of quilted vests and other fall fashion favorites, but for foodservice professionals and foodies across the nation, fall is the season for the ubiquitous pumpkin spice flavor. Many may find it hard to remember or even imagine an autumn without… Read more »

Candy Floss: The Cotton Candy

There is something whimsical about soft serve. I’m not sure if it’s the creamy texture or its multi-layer swirl, but now in 2017 soft serve can be found presented with an edible floating cloud of cotton candy, only enhancing the whimsical appeal. Acquas in Sydney, Australia and MilkTrain in London, England are two of the… Read more »

The Booming Industry of Gelato

Sweet Statistics Prove This Industry is Smart Business Well known social media platforms uphold frozen desserts like ice cream, frozen yogurt, and gelato as some of the dominant food items that are most likely to be photographed, posted, and shared across all platforms. Twitter reported that #icecream was in the top 10 most trendy hashtags… Read more »