The Explosion of Food Delivery

food delivery

Food delivery is the new trend in the American foodservice industry.

You might be wondering how food delivery could be a new trend with so many of this kind of service, including pizza delivery, having been around for decades. Actually, the scope of food delivery service has broadened as the evolution of technology, and customization of food ordering and delivery services have revolutionized the food delivery world.

Viggle – an app that allows users to earn rewards just by watching TV – and The Interactive Advertising Bureau confirmed this new trend in a recent press release, stating that hungry consumers are turning to smartphones and tablets to place online orders for pick-up or delivery, with more than two-thirds (69%) of those polled saying they have placed food orders via mobile devices. As a result, several new types of food ordering and delivery services have developed. And given the high demand, these services have benefited both businesses and consumers.

What kind of food delivery services are out there?

Subscription Models: For those with little creativity in the kitchen, businesses such as Blue Apron, Plated, and HelloFresh will deliver specified ingredients in the right proportion for consumers to make their recipes at home. All the consumer needs to do is cook the recipes, which are also provided by these businesses. On their mobile app or website, customers can order fresh ingredients, view cooking tips, schedule deliveries, and discover recipes. For monthly membership, costs may range from around $9 to $12 per person/per meal plus a delivery fee.

Online Grocery Shopping: Some online grocers, such as FreshDirect, have been making the lives of many Americans a lot easier in terms of saving time. Now, customers can shop for groceries online, have them delivered on the same day, or schedule a specific date for delivery. Website and mobile app platforms are available for these services as well. Costs for food items may vary per business, as well as delivery fee and membership cost.

Vegan Meal Delivery: Some subscription companies carry vegan meals, but there are those that are exclusively vegan. An example of this kind of exclusive offering is reflected in the article “Beyoncé launches vegan, gluten-free meal delivery service” by Fox News, which reports that the program offers customers a tiered plan of 1-3 meals per day determined by price. Subscribers can then decide how long they would like the plan to last.

Cocktail Delivery: Cocktail businesses are also jumping into this new delivery wave that is sweeping the country. According to the recent Fortune magazine article “These startups are delivering cocktails to your doorstep”, home delivery is a new facets of the cocktail culture that has spread across U.S. restaurants and bars. Startups are delivering cocktail ingredients, and some deliveries will come with cocktail recipes. In this arena, deliveries can only be made in certain states due to law restrictions, and only adults that are 21 or older can receive packages. In terms of pricing, drink costs fluctuate between approximately $5 and $13.

How is the actual delivery?

Many food delivery businesses have their own transport staff, whereas others rely on third-party delivery services. These third parties are a big portion of the new customized meal delivery trend. Some of these businesses are startups, such as Amazon Prime Now from online retail giant Amazon, while other food courier services, such as Postmates, have established a place in the industry. These on-demand services have partnerships with restaurants and stores, and will make same-day deliveries with their customers’ convenience always in mind.

Why is the trend of food delivery catching on so fast?

The answer is pretty simple – convenience! This is the secret behind this new system of delivery. The fact that Americans live a busy lifestyle is not big news to anyone. Food delivery systems are making it possible for businesses to meet consumers’ needs for convenience, while reinforcing the revolutionary changes happening in food delivery.