Tree Talk: Industrial Flavors Mark PreGel’s 8th Product Line

PreGel AMERICA announced the launch of Industrial Flavors to its versatile product lines. The line presents a variety of bulk flavors to professionals in the food business and adds an eighth line to the company’s many dessert ingredient solutions. The products featured are highly concentrated, powdered flavorings ideal for ice cream pints, private label franchise mixes, and mass quantities of smoothies, protein drinks and milk.

Flavors in the line include:

151798 Coffee
A powdered concentrate offering an authentic coffee flavor

151698 Coconut
A powdered concentrate with a smooth coconut flavor

151598 Pink Grapefruit
A powdered concentrate that boasts a genuine, tangy pink grapefruit flavor that is subtle and refreshing

304012 Salted Caramel
A powdered concentrate blending the perfect combination of salty and sweet caramel

151298 Strawberry
A powdered concentrate with a refreshing strawberry flavor

152298 Vanilla
A powdered concentrate that produces the much-loved and creamy flavor of vanilla

151498 Watermelon
A powdered concentrate with a refreshing, sweet and juicy watermelon flavor