Tree Talk: PreGel America Debuts New Fall and Winter Products

The season of fall is among us and PreGel AMERICA, the U.S. subsidiary of the largest specialty dessert ingredient manufacturer in the world, is pleased to reveal an inspiring line-up of products for fall and winter. Among PreGel’s inventory of quality ingredients are a new variety of fillings and sauces and a new specialty item.

Continuing to outpace topping trends, the latest additions to PreGel’s high-quality fillings and sauces line include:

12802 Apple Pie Arabeschi®
A topping and filling reminiscent of warm, cinnamon spiced apples baked into the flaky, golden crust of an apple pie
38602 Pomegranate Arabeschi® (Pomegranate with Seeds)
A refreshingly tart topping and filling packed with real pomegranate seeds
16272 Pino Pinguino® Graham Cracker Arabeschi®
A creamy and versatile topping and filling that provides the flavor of sweet graham crackers with tiny graham cracker pieces. Pino Pinguino® is characterized by its ability to remain soft while in a frozen environment and is perfect for a variety of applications
193002 Pumpkin Seed Dry Topping – Cinnamon
Gourmet pumpkin seeds lightly coated in the essence of cinnamon spice perfect for garnishing soft serve
193004 Pumpkin Seed Dry Topping – Ginger
Gourmet pumpkin seeds lightly coated in savory ginger perfect for topping off soft serve
193003 Pumpkin Seed Dry Topping – Honey
Gourmet pumpkin seeds lightly coated in the appealing flavor of honey perfect for adding a touch of sweetness to soft serve
193001 Pumpkin Seed Dry Topping – Vanilla
Gourmet pumpkin seeds lightly coated in an aromatic vanilla perfect for garnishing soft serve
The final new addition to PreGel lines is a versatile apple cream that can be used as a flavoring, filling or topping and served hot or cold. The product is all-natural and a great addition to various dessert applications.

07323 PreGel Apple Cream
A natural and delicious flavor, topping and filling that contains no additives and is created from fresh apples, nourishing the taste buds with every bite.

“The change in season is the best time to create new menus. PreGel’s latest products provide solutions that truly represent the essence of fall and winter, and the holiday season,” says Jillian Hillard, marketing manager, PreGel AMERICA.

PreGel’s specialty dessert ingredients are shelf stable making them optimal for safe, long-term, multifunctional use. All new products are available for sampling and the company continues to develop recipes to accompany them. For sample requests or to get more information about PreGel’s ingredient solutions, visit