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Generally speaking, the feeling of exclusion or being left out can cause notions of insignificance, isolation, or rejection that could wear on one’s motivation. However, physical violation can cause the same emotional warfare. And in the era of #MeToo—a movement launched by victims of sexual harassment to initiate awareness of the issue—you as management have… Read more »

It’s Cold Outside. Preserve Your Health.

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December 21st is the first official day of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. And because many of us have already started to experience decreasing temperatures in certain parts of the country, the chill in the air has been a great reminder of the health-related hazards that cold weather can bring. Therefore, as professionals in the… Read more »

What is HR?

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As more businesses open and continue to grow, it is imperative to understand the function of Human Resources, as this department is much more than employment recruiting and management. Originally, many companies began with Personnel Departments that later evolved into Human Resources (HR) Departments, and ultimately became the heart of a company. Depending on the… Read more »

Getting Creative with Cuts

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At a time when the nation’s economy is unpredictable, many companies and organizations are trying to find immediate cost-saving strategies. With widespread strikes for higher minimum wage, companies are spurring towards innovation to reduce rising costs. Unfortunately, layoffs in the Hospitality Industry are far too real an occurrence due to the high labor costs associated… Read more »

HR Corner: The Business Advantages of Philanthropy

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The last two months of every year fill people with goodwill as they get into the holiday spirit. The admirable energy also often attracts businesses. Philanthropic contributions and working within communities to improve them play a big part in many companies’ corporate culture. Altruistic donations are a win-win for businesses and charities alike, as the… Read more »

Tree Talk: HR Corner: Absenteeism vs. Presenteeism: Managing Employees’ Sick Time

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What do December, January, February and July have in common? Aside from hosting major American holidays – Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day and Independence Day respectively – according to Careerbuilder.com these popular winter and summer months are also when employees call in sick. As an employer or hiring manager, you’ve probably heard one or several… Read more »

Tree Talk: HR Corner: Customer Service 101: Keeping your Cool with Not So Cool Customers

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Social media continues to play an ever-expanding role in the foodservice industry, and although you may think about all the great opportunities, you must also be aware of the dangers. Lately, companies’ poor customer service has been exposed through online videos, blogs and Web reviews, to name a few. However, the most notorious cases, such… Read more »

HR Corner: Establishing First-Rate Personal Appearance & Hygiene Procedures Among Employees

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The appearance of your employees reflects directly on your restaurant’s standards. Having your staff looking professional and sanitary is essential in any business, but especially one where you are serving food. You don’t want to turn off customers because your staff has a ring in their nose, stud in their lip, midriff exposed, scruffy hair… Read more »

HR Corner: The Start of a New Year = Employee Evaluation Time

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The New Year brings the anticipation of change, growth and maybe even a little more wisdom. What better time than the new year to evaluate your current employees’ performances? It’s customary for businesses to conduct performance evaluations in January, as the new year always starts with setting new goals, strategic planning and budgets. While supervisors… Read more »

HR Corner: Interpersonal Communication–A Must in Business


Face-to-face interpersonal communication is becoming less and less frequent in the workplace. Communication these days is quickly evolving into less conversation and more electronic sharing of information. With such mainstream communication technologies such as e-mailing, texting and instant messaging, employers are able to contact their employees without ever having to actually talk to them in… Read more »

HR Corner: Employee-Generated Revenue and Scheduling


Employee-Generated Revenue and Scheduling Many factors contribute to finding the perfect balance between employee productivity and labor costs, while meeting business-level demands. Add the additional factor of seasonal patterns, and the formula becomes even more complex. However, don’t be discouraged because there are a variety of methods to help you understand how to properly staff… Read more »