Tree Talk: Many New Faces Join PreGel AMERICA’s Team

Continued Growth Fuels New Hires in 3rd & 4th Quarters

Nine new hires joined PreGel AMERICA’s staff during the third and fourth quarters of 2011. Two of the nine hires replaced former employees in the facilities maintenance and special service team departments, while the remaining seven are newly created positions within the company. The addition of new employees is in direct response to the tremendous growth PreGel AMERICA is experiencing, coupled with evolving client needs.

These positions address the continuing development of departmental areas including facilities maintenance, distribution and logistics, production, quality assurance, and marketing. The company welcomes: Quality Intern Stephen Appiah; Logistics Coordinator Paul Blackwelder; Production Attendant Robert Eagle; Distribution Associates Julius Hammond and Patrick Wike; Quality Assurance Specialist Tiffany Parks; Special Service Team Representative Pedro Ramos; Facilities Maintenance Technician Jeff Wallace; Graphic Designer Caroline Ward and Events and Marketing Specialist Bryan Whitlock to the PreGel AMERICA team.

As for future positions, the company will continue to assess hiring requirements based on growth, planned expansion through 2014, and developmental needs in specific areas. For now, the company is poised to continue increasing U.S. market share through its one-of-a-kind dessert ingredients, and unmatched customer service and technical support.