Tree Talk: Hot Off the Floor at this Year’s NRA

Chicago produced no shortage of ideas and innovation at this year’s National Restaurant Association Show, which boasts the gathering of the best and brightest in the restaurant, foodservice and hospitality industry for four days. Buzzing in the world of desserts were organic, artisan and indulgent products that easily pleased the palates of many sweet seekers and dessertpreneurs looking for new additions to their menus. PreGel AMERICA pulled out all of the stops, showcasing dynamic sampling stations along with featured Gelato and Pastry Demonstrations emceed by Food Network Host
& Pastry Chef Keegan Gerhard. And, if that weren’t enough, passersby could simultaneously enjoy tasty samples and soothing harmonies from a piano perched up on the second level of the company’s booth. Here’s a highlight of PreGel’s exciting products that debuted at the show:

PreGel Bio
Containing no artificial additives, no chemicals and no pesticides, PreGel’s 100% organic and natural line of instant, powdered products to create soft serve or gelato provided a clean and delicious alternative to many of the frozen dessert options on the floor. The fresh-made Raspberry Sorbet was worth every bite.

Pino Pinguino® & Gelato Molds
While Bio was for the health seekers, the Pino Pinguino® line was about forbidden indulgence in every sense of the word. Featuring dark chocolate, white chocolate, chocolate-hazelnut, hazelnut crunch and even milk chocolate with pieces of wafers, this is a unique line of sauces that could be used for marbleizing, coating cakes, topping desserts or enjoying all by itself.

Adorning the Pino Pinguino® were PreGel’s new Gelato Molds for creating a new art form in gelato. The company created videos to accompany both new products available at

Panini Gelato
This concept was back again this year. Panini Gelato is a sweet bun filled with a scoop of gelato and a topping. The sandwich is then placed in a Panini-like machine which seals the bun to create a treat that’s warm on the outside but filled with cold, creamy gelato on the inside. New this year was the announcement of PreGel’s partnership with Waring to develop a Gelato Panini Press (see related article).

3 Ways to Crème Brûlée
Another signature of PreGel’s 5-Star Chef Pastry Select™ line, the Pronto Crème Brûlée is a modern marvel in terms of a powdered mix. The Cinnamon Crème Brûlée sampled at the show carried the essence of a cozy fall day – desserts that can evoke an emotion are always worth a bite.

Demonstrations with Keegan Gerhard
While eating through the samples of gelato, soft serve and pastry at PreGel’s booth was well worth it, the demonstrations held by the company’s Professional Training Center chefs and notably Corporate Chef Frederic Monti and Emcee Keegan Gerhard were informative and captivating with new ideas.