Tree Talk: PreGel Marketplace Site Launches For Customers

PreGel AMERICA is excited to announce the launch of The new marketplace allows current and potential customers access to stock imagery and marketing materials to take their business’s marketing materials to new heights.

Customers will have hundreds of images at their disposal for use as well as downloadable marketing materials such as posters and point-of-sale signage all created by PreGel AMERICA’s award- winning marketing staff. With such high-quality photographs, the company will charge a nominal fee for the download and use of images. Compared to existing imagery stock houses on the market, the costs to customers will remain well below the average and will be reinvested into the PreGel Marketplace to continue to produce photo shoots for the creation of product imagery and marketing materials for customers. The images are catalogued and sorted by product category then listed alphabetically for easy searches. PreGel’s new Marketplace includes images for product categories such as: Gelato, Sorbetto & Ice Cream; Frozen Yogurt & Soft Serve; Pastry & Confections; CafèttoneTM, FruittoneTM & YogurttoneTM; Fresh Ingredients; People & Desserts; Beverages; Savory; and Freebies. The company will also post its available marketing collateral including brochures and catalogs and sell sheets for respective product lines for easy and instant download.

PreGel Marketplace

Providing exclusive marketing images for PreGel’s customer base is something PreGel AMERICA Marketing Manager Jillian Hillard believes is a critical step in the company’s overall marketing strategy.

“Our customers request imagery for their marketing efforts quite often. The current process in place has at times proved cumbersome and wasn’t as effective as we could have hoped for. We wanted to
find an easy way for customers to instantly view and access imagery. The PreGel Marketplace was the solution,” said Hillard.

The company states the PreGel Marketplace is an evolving site and plans to expand upon its current offerings to include more marketing materials for both download and purchase.The materials it hopes to offer include flavor marker inserts, POP and POS signage, videos and more. The new Marketplace also plans in future phases to feature promotional products for sale from PreGel’s ServIce line such as buckets, hand towels and flavor marker inserts and holders. With a plethora of marketing materials available at the click of a mouse, the PreGel Marketplace reaffirms PreGel as a one-stop-shop for
all their customers’ needs. This is the latest installment of how PreGel AMERICA reinforces that its customer success is a top goal for the company. As the industry continues to move toward a more digital age, the company is excited to expand the e-commerce portion of the business and is poised for continued growth as a leader within the food industry.