Tree Talk: PreGel AMERICA Introduces a Brand New Way to Enjoy Brownie Batter

Brownie Batter Super Sprint

PreGel AMERICA is excited to offer Brownie Batter Super Sprint, a powdered mix to create gelato or soft serve.

Waffle bowls, cups and cones are the newest ways to enjoy fresh brownie batter with this new frozen dessert innovation. Brownie Batter Super Sprint is user-friendly for experienced and novice dessert makers. The simple recipe offers a consistent result in flavor and texture each time and only requires the addition of water before placing in a frozen dessert machine.

“Brownies are timeless desserts. Translating brownies into a frozen dessert creates the ultimate dessert combination and we are pleased to be able to offer this new flavor to our operators,” says Jillian Hillard marketing manager, PreGel AMERICA.

PreGel AMERICA invites food retailers and distributors to indulge and further explore this new product as well as the other ingredient solutions the company has to offer. Samples of Brownie Batter Super Sprint are available upon request.